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Gypsy Elf

Amtril the sylvan elf :3

When he was a kid he was kidnapped by the gypsies who taught him a lot of their special acrobatic secrets to show him off at marketplaces as a bendy wonderboy. Arisha, the princess of Elbend (also an elf, same age as Am) once saw one of Am's performances, she got curious so she wanted to ask him a few things, and so she ordered to bring him to her palace, and thus Amtril quickly levelled up to a royal jester and even something bigger than that ^__^;

So it's Amtril and Arisha in the royal garden. Am showing off his mind-boggling jestery tricks as usual, Arisha isn't right in the picture, but she's watching Amtril, so you kinda can see the show through her eyes or something :3

The statue is the spirit of the garden, Am is not supposed to stand on the top of it but usually in the morning they're alone in the garden, so who cares ^-^

It's extremely rare for elves to learn contortion, since most of them are rangers... whu? no, Chuck Norris is not an elf. And in case of Amtril, he -might- as well become a ranger but he had no choice but to study acrobatics, since the gypsy circus didn't really need a ranger or anything else elves are known for, but the fact that elves grow up 3-4 times slower than humans allowed him to calmly develop his skills for over 30 years until he met Arisha.

Well, hope you'll enjoy the show ^__^;; <3

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