Polish contortionist Andrzej Kowalczyk was active back in the 1830s or so, he was a pupil of Fiona and Albert Dietrich and was only mentioned as "one of the best backbenders of his time" (thanks to Filter-GX for the historical research). Alas, there are no pictures or more info about him...

This led to thinking what he might look like... but I just loved the result so much that I think I bit by bit turned him more and more into an OC XD I just love thinking about him, how he went to school, how he had an emo period, how he agreed to do a nude photo session "for the science"... XD Too many things!

Anyways, I imagined this to be one of his photo sessions because his teacher Fiona Dietrich (the lady stretching him, though we don't really see her) thinks that a contortionist is first and foremost a model and has to take many pictures, otherwise what's the point of developing the flexibility if it's not turned into works of art? One day the bendiness would be over, but all the pretty pictures will always remain!

Luckily, Andrzej has always been a photogenic child and matured beautifully. His modest personality and being a natural at making a nice face for an artistic picture allowed him to participate not only in contortion photo sets but also get listed in some fashion agencies. He was hired to advertise several quite famous products, including jewelry and a brand of teen underwear (his entire school ended up buying it just for the picture XD).

I got extremely brave with the colors here, in the end I convinced myself that I simply like the result and refuse to touch it anymore XD I'm not very proud of using photos for both flowers, though, but I'll practice drawing flowers some other time.

What do you think? 😄
Ah, this was your previous background wallpaper. I was going to write a comment asking you for it, but here it is. I missing seeing Andrzej and his foot as the very first thing I see when going to Read more
Yeah, was very nice too. I still keep thinking what to make for a new 3D wallpaper but it has to be something really high quality to beat the current one...
But I just thought I could also make several banners and just rotate them every day 😏 Read more
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