🎨 Graceful Turnback

Trying to see what happens if I draw a layer of lineart over a 3D render... 🤔

Thanks to Fynn for helping around! <3

What do you think? 😄
I love to see Fynn again! I missed him. And I think it looks great! Read more
So glad you liked 😊 Read more
This is unique result. I would bet final image is hand drawn not knowing other steps.
And do think its for sure for the better. Was once again stuned by way you are innovating your own style. And found a way to use your 2D skills from time to time again :-!
Shifty Read more
Thanks! I actually don't really see much use for this style but was fun to try ^^ Read more
I love this. So elegant. Read more
Thanks ^^ Read more
Looks great! Adds a lot of personality. Read more
Thank you! Was an interesting trick to try ^^ Read more
This 3DCG & Lineart synthesis turned out splendidly. I'm not just saying that because Fynn is the boy of my dreams. I'm not saying it because I infinitely prefer traditional hand drawn art over CGI. Your lineart breathed soul into the CG model here, like how Yhwh breathed into the soil-humus-clay mannequin thing to give life to Adam (or "earth being"/"human being" since the Hebrew word used is a generic word for human and later on a proper name).

Also, also, Fynn's back! I was just ruminating about him in my previous comment. I've got to get him out that latex-like outfit to try and encourage him to go barefoot once in a while. Some way without giving away that I have fetishistic ulterior motives.

I would love to take him to the Cincinnati Zoo and get him in a more casual outfit. One that is still skimpy, but not overly lewd that it would risk us being kicked out of such a family friendly environment. An outfit where he could show a lot of skin, particularly with respect to his legs. A top that doesn't quite fit him, so that when he moves around, we get to see his navel and midriff. If you've seen the recent Hellraiser reboot, the MC (Riley McKendry) wears a top like this. As for footware, obviously absolutely no socks. I think he should just wear either Crocs or flipflops. Read more
I'm very glad you enjoyed the touch of lineart but of course it wouldn't be possible without the 3D model that was also hand-made to a large extent. Read more
Only you can make a flat butt look cute.
-tbj Read more
Didn't think his butt was flat, probably just a bad angle :P Read more
Whenever I think you're perfect, you find new ways to improve your art. Read more
It wouldn't be possible without comments, so I'm just fortunate to be constantly encouraged to move on. Read more
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