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Every pirate's favorite booty and every jeweler's dream! Precious, warm-colored, shiny and extremely ductile. All the things you can do with her!

Academy AwardsNot to mention that she's one of the most beautiful things to just sit and observe...

Eggheads believe that Gold is an extraterrestrial and was carried to the Earth by the means of asteroids that originated from the Sun. Maybe that's why Gold, beside she's flexible like an alien, she is also, unlike all other metals, fully resistant to alcohol. A good big mug of rum can even unlock some extra features, along with unearthly beauty and plasticity.

Sexually, Gold much enjoys a good fusion with cheaper and harder metals: Copper, Lead, Nickel and Zinc, these hot tomboys will all do it for her. As life companions, these ruffians have just the spirit she likes and can give her the backbone that she's lacking on her own. Without them she may remain beautiful but way too soft and good for nothing.

Socially speaking, Gold is resistant to almost all types of chemistry such as the whole drama of love-hate and bad relationship management in general. She's ever cheerful and it's impossible to break her heart. If someone abandons her, it's their own loss. To the faithful people she can be the source of inspiration, one of the greastest muses and even a goddess to be worshiped.

Given her preciousness and overall qualities, Gold gets kidnapped and re-kidnapped all the time. She spends a lot of time on pirate ships, tossed and re-tossed from one captain's treasury into another's, until one day she's finally sold to a noble house where she obtains her personal room and muscled guards. This kind of life is less fun but serving as a piece of art is also enjoyable in its own way and over a few years she will get used to it quite well, turning into a very fine noble lady indeed.

Nobles or pirates, Gold equally enjoys both of them. Her truest and darkest nightmare, however, is the bankers. The most unfortunate end for her is to be locked in a tiny prison cell in some bank and being converted into a mere number, never to be seen in the flesh again. The true beauty is forever lost within these golden bars and sadly it's the fate of about 40% Gold in the world, that's why Gold does whatever it takes to avoid the bankers like a plague. Needless to say that in her opinion bank robbers are true Heroes! :D

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