Going Deeper.

"Dear Yan,

My name is Fynn and I'm 11 years old. I have to say I mostly follow your blog for the amazing contortion poses you can do but whenever I have time I read your scientific reports about deep sea biology and I must say I'm learning a lot every time! These aliens life forms are really interesting and it's amazing truly how your mind is just as flexible as your body. I also dive every day myself and have some friends underwater. I wonder if some of them are aliens too!

I want to find out! Next year I will try hard to join the ADoRBS and maybe one day I will meet you and Jack in person! Also crossing my fingers for being able to cross my legs one day, just like you can do! I already can do the splits and sometimes a bit more when my stepdad has the time to help. You truly inspire me!

Thank you for that.
Your fan, Fynn Carter."

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