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Goddess Akire

Akire (ah-kee-REH) is one of the four major deities. Each of them symbolizes various aspects of balance.

God Nitram personifies the balance between the two genders. Goddess Yram (also known as Mm) the balance between sound and silence (day and night, work and relaxation, etc). Akire represents the balance between pleasures and difficulties ;P

The results of one's work can only be great if one works hard enough. No great work can be done with no difficulties. If one is getting their results in life too easily, it means they're just not pushing themselves hard enough to use their full potential and that's why it's easy.

You may lead an easy life, get some mediocre results and be happy with it, but that's not what this goddess is about. Akire is all about pushing yourself beyond the limits to get as much as you possibly can from the physical body you've been given at birth.

Akire's temples and shrines are often visited by those whose training is physically demanding, such as dancers and acrobats. The temples can be very inspiring for those who look to push their limits a bit more.

The temples are dark inside, their walls are lit with candles and painted with bizarre but strangely encouraging erotica, and glistening dots that shine like a starry sky. Niches contain sculpture groups that look almost like real people in the light of the candles.

The themes get much darker and worse toward the main altar room, which eventually reveals a grotesque sculpture of the goddess impaled on a long stake while caressing herself. A fountain of holy water is built into the crotch of the sculpture, giving the impression of perpetual orgasming. The holy water has pain-relieving and healing properties and can be used for drinking, washing one's face, or can be collected in a vessel for later use.

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