Girl in Pink


I thought it would be funny to make yet another version of this in 2021 ^-^

What do you think? 😄
This is just amazing!!

I love your work and your improvement over the years! Read more
Thank you so much! ^^ Read more
It's getting better and better!! So beautiful.... Read more
So glad you liked! :3 Read more
The legendary white rimmed round carpet is back! In the first picture, her spine is not yet bent so much and she looks strained. In the second one she is slightly smiling, but still sweating. Not she looks completely soft and relaxed.
o< Read more
Yeah, I wanted to show the changes in my art overall, so wasn't very strict when recreating it and just did "how would I implement that idea if it popped in my head today" :3 Read more
Por eso te has convertido en el referente de la ilustracion de la flexibilidad y la contorsion... por la cantidad de años que tienes dibujando y perfeccionando la tecnica... y este en un claro ejemplo de ello... casi 20 años en el dibujo de la contorsion.
That is why you have become the benchmark in the illustration of flexibility and contortion... for the number of years you have been drawing and perfecting the technique... and this is a clear example of this... almost 20 years in the drawing of contortion. Read more
Bueno, no me parecen 20 años... Y la contorsión es lo mejor del mundo, ¡así que siempre es un placer dibujarla!
Well, it doesn't feel like 20 years to me... And contortion is the best thing in the world, so it's always a pleasure to draw! Read more
It's amazing to see your style go from cartoonish to nearly photo-realistic in three pictures. I'm amazed at how much progress you've made. Read more
Thank you so much! :D
Yeah, well...considering it's a progress over 20 years, haha...People in art schools learn to paint like a pro in just 3-5 years...
I'm a slug 🐌 (sudden realization)

Sometimes I look at some other artists' techniques and wish I could do that... I mean imagine a medieval contortionist in the style of someone like Michaelangelo... Today there are SO many art tutorials on Youtube that the only stopper is lack of passion/patience... :P Read more
Pink girl always seemed like special kind of girl, place where it all started. Iam so glad, you returned to her. I like every version!
Shifty Read more
Indeed it's where it all started. I did some pencil drawings before, actually I remember as a kid I drew a frog and my friends never believed that I drew it, they said my parents drew it... later I made more pencil drawings but it was some kind of mages and monsters. My very first contortion art was actually this pink girl :3 Read more
By 2030 it's gonna be alive) Read more
🤣 Read more
Excellent work, the progress of your art is amazing. Many different high detailed elements, thats looks cooool - especialy socks material (EA7 ))) ) and ....thats feets drive me crazy))) Read more
Glad to serve the bendy god as well as many other smaller fetish deities :D
Very glad you enjoyed this comparison! Read more
Much better! Read more
Thanks! ^^ Read more
Hmmm I think I noticed something, that droplet of sweat on previous images added emotional charge despite being unrealistic. If that could be somehow retained it be very interesting. As those little "lost" artistic details are probably why some people thinks hand drawn versions are better. Personaly love all your works. Yet Iam sure it is not easy at all with 3D graphics.
Shifty Read more
Sorry I'm not going to change this picture, it's not because of 3D graphics but because I remade the picture the way I would do it today and not just copied the old work. Read more
I love seeing the progress you've made over the years in this. So awesome! The evolution of an artist is always fascinating, everything from ability to ideas for and perceptions of the artist's subjects. Also something to take inspiration from, as it shows dedication to a craft. We can all learn from that, even if we don't pursue the particular craft. Read more
I'm very glad that you enjoyed it! Though it's a hobby, not a craft, and they're characters, not subjects :D Read more
Her body, her skin, the way she bends. Such beautiful and sexy! Thanks! Read more
Very glad that you enjoyed it! 😊 Read more
это великолепно
it's great Read more
Thanks! Read more
I love when you do these evolution pictures. It's really interesting to see how how your style and changed and evolved. I also just love the picture.

-TBJ Read more
I'm glad you like them! :3 Read more
No sorry needed. Would not dare to suggest remaking a thing about this picture, that would be bad thing to say. Love all versions. They seems pure, no need for any new ideas. Maybe Iam just overly thinking of old stuff for some reason.
Shifty Read more
Me encanta el realismo de la imagen, la luz la sombra y por sobre todo la pose 🤤
I love the realism of the image, the light, the shadow and above all the pose Read more
Muchas gracias! El placer de trabajar con personajes tan suaves y flexibles, y además de leer tan buenos comentarios sobre ellos! 😊
Thank you so much! The pleasure of working with such soft and flexible characters, and on top of that also reading such nice comments about them! Read more
Wow you've been doing this for a while, and there's been massive improvements over the years! Keep up the great work! Read more
I dunno, it's like music, you grab a guitar when you're 15 and then still enjoying it when you're 65. You can drop the guitar at any moment but why? 🤷‍♀️

Though I gotta say I'm not that fanatical and self-contained... to me art doesn't really exist without comments, so I'm really happy about comments. Guess just like most youtubers can't live without "you guys" and they couldn't record 15-minute videos every day just for themselves. It makes no sense... Read more
Sex would be fun with this beauty. Read more
If it ever gets to sex with them... Read more
Is there any way where you have posted some of your process? I Was looking at your gallery on deviantart since I remember seeing your work around 2007, then google brought me here and jesus, you have improved so much, is really inspiring, I would love to see how you create such life like pieces. Read more
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