Gender Bender

More and more often Robin would find himself in the gym, laying on the mats, wearing some sort of a black swimsuit and a pair of silky black gloves covering his entire arms...

When did he manage to put all that stuff on? And why is he in the college's gym right now? Why is he feeling so weak? And why all his muscles are burning as if he was just working out for 3 hours straight? Worst of all, he could never remember what the hell he was doing before he fell unconscious.

Sometimes he'd wake up alone, sometimes there would be other class mates still sleeping around on other mats, most of them wearing gymnastic leotards, others just shorts or speedos.

As quickly as possible, Robin runs to the dressing room, trying not to think about anything yet, leaving the thinking for later. He finds his regular college uniform in his locker, puts it on and quickly leaves the gym.

But once he makes a step outside the gym, some strange weakness spreads through his entire body. He finds himself standing in the corridor... what was he doing here again? He just stands there, wondering what he was about to do? Again, he cannot remember a thing.

Looking around and at himself, it seems like he just stepped outside the gym, his body is deadly tired and his muscles burn like crazy, it feels as if he was just working out for 4 hours straight. Maybe he was just showing off too much during the class today, trying to pretend to be more flexible than usual and then he felt dizzy and fell unconscious? Yes, perhaps.

His friends always encouraged him to show off. He was naturally flexible but never really cared about it, he didn't even know his body was capable of doing some of the stuff they asked him to do, but to his own surprise he could do really strange things with ease.

But he could never remember the slightest detail of what was happening, his mind is now completely blank, some inner voice is telling him not to think of anything... it's all unimportant... he has more important stuff to do... like, how about getting back home to play some games or have some fun?

Still... he always felt it, something, something is eeribly weird about this college... his memory was constantly failing him. At the same time his body was getting more and more flexible, he made such a rapid progress lately and couldn't remember how on earth did he achieve that and when?

By now he could bend his body almost like a circus contortionist! Whenever his friends asked him to do a split between two chairs or put his foot behind his head, for some damn weird reason he could easily do all that if he tried! But every day after school he felt so very tired and he had absolutely no memory of his training or anything whatsoever...

The voices in his head were very relaxing, though. Whenever his mind protested against the inconsistency of his recent life, the voices would always calm him down inevitably.

All in all, Robin was one of the most latent crossdressers in the history because he didn't even know he was one: he was a regular youth who liked his hair long, not to look like a girl but because he thinks long hair is cool. Surely he had not the slightest idea that his secret identity was an elegant and very talented rhythmic gymnast!

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