Gabriel and Michael

Poster v2


Anyhow, archangels Gabriel and Michael at the gate to Heaven among the stars. Basically it's a gate to another dimension and only the souls of the deceased can see it.

And so why are they dressed like that? It's, fashion :3 You know, probably the last time you've seen an angel, it was some Renaissance picture, so, well, a few centuries passed since then and shrouds are no more fashionable, specially among battle angels, since they really need something more practical for training.

Because I foresee the question about their packages...well, my train of thoughts that crossed that area was as follows: since most people paint demons with, well, private parts >.> and demons are former angels, so it's only logical that angels have them too, otherwise what would they do in Heaven for eternity, playing harps?

I kinda still refuse to draw wings on angels/demons, of course because I can't draw them X33 but most of all because I'm not fond of wings and never was since the very beginning. But those angels, of course, can use wings when they need, though they're more like transparent magical wings that go out of the "tattoo" on their back (see Michael). Hope that works :3

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this work and don't take it seriously, of course I'm not dumb and I can perfectly tell top from bottom when it comes to religion, but when it comes to art it's more interesting to look at things from different angles, and everything God has created is wonderful anyway x3

By the way, just a sudden thought: why artists and writers always love to analyze Hell so much? But nobody ever writes anything about Heaven. But shouldn't heaven be more inspirational? Basically, little is known about Heaven... So it's the question whether you want to go to the place you know very well, where everything is dark and horrid, or you want to go to some unknown place where everything is hopefully great but nobody knows for sure what exactly... And nobody knows anything about Heaven except that there's a blond Jesus on the throne and a harem of beautiful angels. Maybe it's time for a little investigation :3

What do you think? 😄
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