🍄 Fungaard

This place is weeeeird, really weird. Body mutations are guaranteed here, but which ones will you get? It's best to consult with the local witches before going into the wild. In any case, if you meet a sexy looking shroomboi that you've never seen before, don't rush to roll in the grass with him. Only an expert witch can tell a difference between all those cunning shrooms!

The land of Fungaard is entirely covered with dark and mysterious woods, full of swamps, mushrooms and huts of the witches. But the witches are merely servants, or maybe even cows, of the true ruler of this land, queen Mycelia. She is a giant creature that stretches all over the kingdom and can spawn her mushrooms anywhere in order to milk her faithful "cows".

Not surprisingly, all witches are extremely endowed, which is actually a mutation caused by Mycelia's mushrooms. In fact, her mushrooms cause all sorts of random mutations but the witches are wise to use them smartly and choose the most beneficial ones. So we can say that the entire kingdom lives in a great symbiosis, where witches and mushrooms co-exists for best mutual interests.

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Just in case anyone's wondering what Shroombois looks like. Remember those little dancing mushroom people in Disney's Fantaisa? They're like that only a millinon times better.
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