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From Russia with Folds

"Da! The Soviet Russia needs such unbreakable boys!"

The communist leader saluted to the the leotard-clad boys lined up to the side of the tribune.

The gymnasts saluted by raising their legs above their heads, holding the perfect balance for exactly 5 seconds and returning back to their previous positions.

"Da! This must serve as an example for any growing child. While the Capitalist pigs grow in nuclear strength and obesity, the Soviet people will become more flexible and easily adapt to everything the future holds!"

He made a gesture to the boys who immediately snapped in half backwards and crawled shoulder-deep between their own thighs, spread their arms over the legs and raised their chins so high that the top of their heads touched their own boy parts.

"These days we must be incredibly flexible. In America they use to say 'All is well that ends well', and that is true about Capitalism. In Soviet Russia we say 'All is well that bends well' because for the hyperflexible Communist man, it is only the beginning!"

Doh... I mean Da! XD

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