From Russia with Folds

"Da! The Soviet Russia needs such unbreakable boys!" The communist leader saluted to the the leotard-clad boys lined up to the side of his tribune.

The teenagers saluted by raising their legs above their heads, holding the perfect balance for exactly 5 seconds and returning back to their previous positions.

"Da! This must serve as an example for any growing child. Only this way the Soviet Russians will become more flexible and easily adapt to anything the future holds!"

He made a gesture to the boys who immediately snapped in half backwards and crawled shoulder-deep between their own thighs, spread their arms over the legs and raised their chins so high that the top of their heads touched their own boy parts. As their held their knees and spread their elbows apart, they somewhat began to remind of little human-stars.

"Yes! I mean... Da! These days, we must be incredibly flexible and shine as bright as the stars! And for everybody's inspiration I hereby present Yasha Lebedev who will demonstrate what it is like to have a totally unbreakable body, that every male rhythmic gymnast should be looking forward to obtain."

The red curtain rose up, revealing a shiny metallic stake with a small platform on the top, upon which was standing an nearly naked teen boy in a pose that made him look like an angel.

After letting the audience enjoy this absolute perfection of a young male body for several seconds, the cutie immediately proceeded to bending and twisting it in ways defying the human anatomy itself, and with such ease that the whole audience kept gasping at the peak extremity of his every posture, that he always held for several seconds while the platform turned him around to let the audience enjoy his popping-out ribs, the strained stomach, the muscles playing in his thighs, his beautiful feet and of course the most adorable angelic face...

Yasha was still blushing of excitement after his recent weeks of extreme training paid off with such great success. He was walking in the year after the show when suddenly some guard approached him.

"Sorry, but I don't have any documents on me, I just needed a bit of fresh air," Yasha worried.

"Don't worry, comrade!" the guardboy grinned. "I know perfectly who you are! My bedroom's walls don't have an empty spot because of your posters!"

"Ah so... you just want an autograph?" Yasha looked up and down at the guard who apparently didn't have anything on him but a camouflage thong, a pair of camouflage stockings and a beret on his head. "But I don't suppose you have a pencil?"

"Oh, I have something better," the guard reached behind his back and somehow took out a cellphone, which was probably hanging on his strings. "Do you think we can take a bendy photo together?"

"Alright, I don't really mind, but what do you want me to do exactly?"

"Easy! I'll put the phone on that bench, set the timer to 20 seconds, then I'll bend and make a platform for you and you just get on top of me and feel yourself at home! Whatever you decide to do up there, I'll be very honored! The name's Sasha, by the way!"

"Umm," Yasha scratched his chin. "So... Sasha... I suppose you can first show me what kind of platform I'm going to work with?"

"Certainly, comrade! I hope you'll like this!" And Sasha immediately bent in half backwards so tight that his hands walked between his wide spread feet and his rotated pelvis turned into a perfect platform for Yasha. "Does it look stable enough?"

"Oh yes!" Yasha started blushing again but this time from seeing the guardboy's prominent bulge, wrapped in camouflage and barely held in place by a couple of strings... "That's a... really good stretch you got..."

After the little acrobatic shooting, Yasha couldn't help himself any longer. "Umm, er... Sasha, right? You... You mentioned your bedroom, er... I mean all the posters of me and all, I mean if you're collecting them, I might have a couple of really rare ones but... umm, I first might need to look at your collection to know what ones you're missing?"

"Oh!! You want... I mean... I'll be incredibly honored!! Let me just notify the captain and then I'll immediately escort you to the place!!" Sasha quickly ran off and returned almost instantly. "It's done! Say, Yasha, can you be my cap for a while?? It would be so cool if you just gave me orders and I'll fulfill every single one of them!"

"Hehe, well, if you say so yourself," Yasha spoke with a naughty grin... "But don't you have more important duties?"

"Not today! We're only here for the party. But! Assisting Kremlin's most unbreakable boy does sound like THE important mission to me!"

"Well I don't mind such a nice ass...*cough*" Yasha choked, "I'm sorry... I mean such a nice assistant!"

Sasha belongs to A.F. ©
Yasha belongs to me :3

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