A long, long time ago there lived a king who had a young son, the prince, who had just came out of his teens. Once the king threw a large feast in his court with delectable wine and yummy mead, ravishing half-naked belly dancers and flexible gymnasts dressed in nothing but few jewels, all kinds of exotic food and entertainment. Even the king himself got incredibly drunk, so he decided to pull a wise man to be remembered in the aeons for his inventiveness:

"My son," he rose from his throne. "Tomorrow. You'll bring your best friends. Each of you will m-make himself a bow. And an ar-rrow. And shoot. Aim well cuz... Whoever catches the arrow will be y-your pet. So yanno... better aim well," he sat on his throne and almost immediately snored.

On the next day the prince and his two best friends, the son of an army general and the son of a noble merchant, shot their self-made arrows from their self-made bows, just as the king had ordered.

The prince's friends aimed well and got themselves very nice pets: a white swan and a black cat, but the prince's poorly shot arrow landed somewhere in the marshes. The king was severely angered and ordered the prince to go to the marshes anyway and search for the arrow and bring back whoever or whatever caught the arrow, even if it's a swamp monster, he will have to take care of it!

"How nice!" the prince cursed his life sarcastically while walking through the marshes. He walked and walked until he reached a place where the water in the marsh was clean, despite many water lilies popping out here and there, among other unusual plants that he had never seen before.

The place looked magical and with his mouth half open the prince continued to walk further into this little oasis in the swamp. Soon he walked into something that really made his heart pound.

A beautiful anthropomorphic frogling sat there upon an overgrown water lily. With a royal crown upon his charming head, shiny rings in his ears and nipples, the frogling sat there in the most exotic pose with his legs bent all over his head and his membranous feet resting in front of his chest, while the back of his head somewhat touched his bare butt. The full, smiling lips of the frogling held the long searched arrow!

The prince could not believe what he saw, so refined and beautiful was the view that he adored the frogling to no end from the first sight. "Even if it's a swamp monster, he said..." the prince remembered the words of his father and smirked to himself. He talked with the frogling and explained in detail the meaning of the arrow. The frogling suddenly agreed to follow the prince back to the palace, saying that he was waiting for him, since the swamp witch had foretold that "maybe some prince would agree to take you as a pet one day." And damn, was she right! The frogling somehow made a sophisticated jump from the bendy position he was in, turned into a real frog in the air and landed upon the prince's hat to be taken toward the palace.

"Very well, boys," the king said during the next feast thrown by him to celebrate the young men's union with their pets. "See how wise is your king? Each of you had found a perfect pet. Now, how about you show me what your new pet is good for!"

As per the king's order, the white swan went forward and waved its huge wings, turning into a beautiful boy, tall and pale, with long white hair. His only wear was wide baggy pants made of pure white silk, contrasting with his bare torso, so very long and thin. When he sat on the floor and raised his slowly waving arms in the air for his initial position, everything about his looks still reminded of a swan even in the human form. His dance was of unearthly grace and natural beauty.

Second went the black cat who did a somersault in the air to turn into a very cute boy of cunning looks, with a short black hair and a thin but toned body. His tiny black thong couldn't possibly be any smaller, but his black fluffy leg warmers looked really huge in contrast, and so did his fluffy gloves. The magic was a bit incomplete and his fluffy tail and cat ears refused to disappear even in the human form, but that even looked prettier on him, perhaps it was even made on purpose. Whatever his dance was supposed to be, it looked more like an adorable fight against an invisible opponent with a lot of high kicks, jumping and acrobatics. This black cat must have had a black belt in some martial arts, at least he managed to do some impressive things with his long and muscled legs, and he finished his dance with a sudden feat of flexibility, stretching his legs into an over 300 degrees oversplit!

The king only smiled seeing what lovely pets the boys had found for themselves. But it was the frogling's turn. People went back to eating because nobody expected much from the frog. But the frog jumped forward, landed in his human form and raised arms, arching himself like a gymnast. With much grace his arms went backwards until they grabbed on his own knees from behind. He pulled and folded himself in half backwards so firmly and tightly that even a bathing towel couldn't be possibly folded more. Everybody began whispering to each other: "Look, look!"

After holding the impossibly tight backfold for a while, slowly turning around to let everybody see it, the frogling finally straightened and gracefully began his performance. He moved like a rhythmic gymnast and bent any part of his body as if it had rubber instead of bones, he bent and twisted his spine and did incredible oversplits and other stretches that don't even have proper names yet. All of this looked so elegant and skillful that people just stared at the bending frogling as if they were seeing a dream, looking in awe at these wondrous moves and postures impossible to do for almost no one else in the room.

And so after this last dance the king congratulated the boys on finding the most precious pets like that, and then the noble gathering went back to eating while enjoying the scantily clad dancers and gymnasts who once again filled the palace's dining hall...

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