Fold Club Checkpoint

"Hello. May I see your Fold Club membership cards, please?"
"Sure, why knot!"

What do you think? 😄
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Can Yasha stretch his tongue as well? Looks as if... If I kindly ask, would they train me to that level? Read more
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Andrzej and Yasha simply hanging around is testament to how good your art is. They are so natural, not pushing themselves (not even worth putting jacket down) and yet pose is so wonderful. Both of them understanding one another! Without Yasha's "snaily" skill and Andrzej's perfect balance both would fall off.

You can even see their personalities, Andrzej is cool looking ("Is that all?") and Yasha playfully sassy ,-) lightening entire room from below. Together like some sort of chocolate candy with soft filling!
Snail T-shirt is da best piece! Even poster in back is adding to atmosphere.

ps: I am so happy comments turned out to be good upgrade, so many people writing! New fans and old too.

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Haha, yeah, that couple got all the proper skills to never fall apart 😏 Let's hope they always fold and never fight!

I'm very glad you enjoyed the picture and specially the snail t-shirt! It looks a way too perfect match for Yasha that I'm sure he didn't just find it in a random shop, somebody must have ordered a custom t-shirt as a gift for him 😚 He probably will end up with permanent wrinkles on the back of that t-shirt! If you see a boy with wrinkles all over the back of his t-shirt, there's no second guess he must be a member of Fold Club 🤣

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