Fold Club

Welcome to the Fold Club! The best place for bendies to find their... erm... stretching partners XD

Meanwhile I modeled the tail, kitty ears and a collar for Andrzej. I found this beautiful sofa and table models on but had to texture them myself because they don't give you the textures for some reason. I also found the free flower pattern on :3

Oh! And the pose isn't humanly possible but since I had my boys do it a few times before, I decided to call it the 'ram horn' 🐏

It's funny when I drew this pose the first time (with the demons), I thought it would be impossible to do without at least four partners but now look at Andrzej pulling it all on his own!!

Apparently it's also Yasha's favorite, but I just noticed he always bends to the right while Andrzej bends to the left... Wait, that sounds oddly convenient 😏