💐 Flower Festival

(By anonymous stableboy. Oail on canvais. 1890s.)

What do you think? 😄
Yup it feels like different artist BUT one which you know and constantly hinted him what to do all the time :D to the point when he gave up and painted that beautiful girly boy doing most sexy mindbending pose. I must esp appreciate you was smart and found a way how to convince him to do that 180d twist! How inventive to use cloth for that!
I am really gulping in awe and expectation what you can conjure in year from now!!!
While most people will still do some cat/pikatchu mashups.
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Thank you so much! It was one of very early pictures, still can't believe how much time it took, over 12 hours, but of course nothing compared to how long it would take to paint it in real life, not even counting many years in art academy and a time machine to travel back to the 19th century Europe because I doubt it's possible to learn a classical style like this in any modern art school...

The twist was the most difficult part, many layers of cloth and a lot of guessing how to make it more twisted... But I think the legs were just as difficult, specially making both legs look more or less the same... But in the end was worth all the time, because really enjoyed the ideal 180° twist, almost like the woman keeps telling him to keep his chest and butt straight and stop tilting them, and the boy looks so focused and determined to be perfect...

This picture also started as another homage to Alexey based on one of his famous pictures but it went so far from the original... Read more
This AI software makes very classical looking faces. That flower festival bendy is... insanely cute, even by regular site standards of insanely cute! Read more
Very glad you enjoyed it! The AI software isn't limited to classical faces, but it feels safer to use as the 19th century paintings are in public domain... Read more
How on earth do you teach the AI to do oversplits? I tried about anything... :''(
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This pic was based on one of Alexey's pictures, same as this and this, so I actually made 3 pictures in total based on his photos. The problem is that this one went sooo far away from the original, so I decided to post it separately.

I think AI is very bad at any kind of posing, but even worse at contortion... But you could use Daz Studio to make a base picture for it to work with... The problem is that AI's algorithm will fight you a lot and "normalize" the pose all the time, so takes a lot of patience with rerolls or working with smaller regions at a time so it can't see the whole picture, or inpainting bit by bit so it couldn't change too much at a time. Here I used Photoshop and the clipboard to work with smaller fragments, passing them back and forth between Photoshop and Automatic1111 WebUI, but I think the new InvokeAI should be able to do that right in the app. Read more
(respond to your comment on the AI): I use the Automatic111 as well, and encounter right the problems you say ("normalizing" or, in my case "cropping legs"). I was about to try the InvokeAI as well but it doesn't run on my (older Linux-) system, it gets into some kind of install-loop (it tries to install itself over and over instead of starting the prog). Soon it's Xmas, hopefully good ol' Santa has some performance-boost in his bag... Read more
Automatic1111 has the inpainting tab, it can be used to partially inpaint images like I said, and you can use Gimp to define the shape and colors you need. Just avoid making large areas of completely flat colors, it's best to add a bit of noise to them, else the AI will keep them flat. Read more
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