Florian's Magic Tree

Florian was one of these tiny adorable kids hired by count d'Orchaun to accompany the noble dinners at the mansion with the charming sound of their lutes and flutes.

The music was simple but beautiful and the count, who really was in love with his village, would always rather sponsor the village kids than hire the fully educated people from the capital. Even the count's son, Julian, adopted the same tendency and was close friends with a number of villagers his age.

But the music was not the only pretty thing that Florian witnessed in the mansion during these performances, often this person named Matthew, who was rumored to be the lover of the count's son, would come to show something incredible on top of a large wooden keg.

A late teenager, much older than Florian who was only a kid at the time, but oddly breaking the age barrier and putting Florian's head completely in the clouds, dreaming of... strangely, not about Matthew personally, as much as about these impossible bends that began to fill Florian's head day and night...

"Bend it here a little more," Florian's teacher of music would try to direct the child's fragile but dexterous fingers laying on the strings of the lute. Florian's heart would jump and mouth give out a sigh, as always when people used that part of the vocabulary: bend, fold, flexible, soft, pliant... all these words sounded almost as if they were charged with electricity.

Florian would look at the clock... still an hour or two to practice music but then... then finally rush to her most secret hideout to practice something completely different!

But not matter the pushing, panting, groaning and even crying, Florian's back felt just like a piece of wood! It would rather break from all that pressure than bend even half way to Florian's goal. After each such "session" she cried into a pillow, unable to understand how that damned Matthew does it so easily...

Little by little, day by day, Florian ended up despising Matthew more and more, suspecting that the amazing skill was just a result of some potion, balm, or worse... some magic that replaced Matthew's body parts with those of a snake...

Whenever Matthew came to perform, Florian would now usually stare somewhere else, while continuing to pull the strings. It was a shame to accompany that cheating with the lute-playing skills that were real and polished the hard way... while people's eyes were glued to the cheater, while the beautiful melodies produced by the classically trained fingers were merely some unimportant background.

"Master Mills, did you call for me?" a beautiful teenager gracefully walked into the rear, "staff only" room of the tavern owned by Matthew's dad, Eugene Mills, the famous innkeeper and beer brewer.

In the room there was only Matthew alone, practicing some leg stretches. "Oh, come in, friend. How are your studies going?"

"Just learned a new passage, would be so perfect for that part where, after the headsit, you stretch and slide lower and lower... Would you like to listen?"

"Florian, I..." Matthew stood up almost clumsily for the elegant stretch he was just doing. "I noticed something the other day, after the show, when you stood up, put your lute away and stretched a little... except it wasn't a little, I don't think even a person your age can normally stretch like that..."

"Master Mills, I... I..."

"Florian, why are you so worried? If you're a little bit flexible, there's nothing wrong with that, but you shouldn't keep it just for yourself. So I called you to ask if you could show me that stretch again, maybe?"

"C- certainly, master Mills..." Florian raised her arms as if for a morning stretch but then... her head tilted backwards, the torso curved and the top of the head touched the teenager's own butt.

Without saying anything, Matthew grabbed the bendy teen, pushed over the desk and lifted Florian's legs up. Instead of getting upset, Florian almost mechanically bent her legs in the knees and the bare feet landed on top of her own head. Without waiting much, Matthew pushed on the knees and the girl's feet stepped down on the shoulders and then on the desk's surface to the sides of her face.

Matthew gulped as he met literally no resistance at all from the teen's body, it felt as easy as bending a plushie toy, so he grabbed the girl's ankles and pulled them inward further and further, so the knees began bending down. It seemed perfectly easy for the girl and her rubbery body did only somewhat resist the last couple of inches before her knees touched the desk's surface.

Seeing that Matthew stopped pushing, Florian crawled her shoulders further out between her thighs and leaned on the elbows, lifting her head quite far above the desk, until the back of it pushed against the crotch. It looked almost like Florian crawled out of a tight fox hole, except the hole was made out of her own hips and legs!

"Whoa..." Matthew only gasped. "But... how?"

"I... Master Mills," Florian's voice was a bit shaking but still miraculously stable for this difficult position. "I'm afraid I had discovered your secret tree..." The teenager sighed, smiling shamefully.

"Oh, so it was my secret... Wait, my what??"

"Hehe, I mean that one, behind the mountain if you walk around 20 minutes, that really curvy and twisty one... Mmm, well, at first I was really jelly of your bending skills and... -hnn-... I- I tried to stretch on my bed at home but I was stiff like a board... But suddenly... -ghnn- I discovered your Magic Tree and it taught me the headsit in no time! And then a full backfold too, and then oversplits!"

"Wow, I've never known there was such a magic tree around... Can you show it to me?"

Florian was so surprised that almost pulled her neck, trying to stare at Matthew. "What?! You don't even know about that magic tree?? Then h- how did you get so flexible, Master Mills??"

"I've never even seen the tree you're talking about... Damn, you got me curious now! But as for me, I guess I got so flexible mostly thanks to my dad who stretched me a lot since I was young. And I know that 'stiff like a board' feeling, you just have to be super patient and give it several months of hard training without skipping a day... Then, I also got friends who love to help with stretching. It's surprising how much people love to assist with stretching actually, but... seriously, am I the very first person to stretch you at all? Besides that... tree of yours?"

"Mmm, yes, I... I'd say so, Master Mills. You're also the first person to see what I'm, mmm, capable of." Florian suddenly had very mixed feelings about herself. So, Matthew wasn't cheating after all? In that case... the only cheater now is... Florian herself?

"Hey," Matthew interrupted the girl's unpleasant thoughts. "May I ask, how comfortable are you feeling in this position actually?"

"Oh, I'm fine, why? You want to try bending some more? I think I can, if you don't mind waiting for about ten minutes of some warm-ups I have to do first..."

"No, not yet... I mean I'd love to see, but... it's not what I wanted to ask. How long can you hold this one pose, five minutes, ten minutes?"

"Pfff, think a couple of hours, Master Mills. I always practice my lute in this pose, 'cept I prefer to have my legs crossed under my chest, so I can get a better hold of the lute..."

"Se- seriously?? Would you... play something for me?" Matthew helped Florian to alter the position to the girl's liking and handed her the lute.

"Okay. I'll play that new passage I learned then," Florian smiled. "Sorry in case I make a couple of mistakes, it's because I'm a bit nervous, not because of the pose..."

"No worries, I'm pretty excited too, so I doubt I'd hear the mistakes. I just really want to see how you will do it."

"Alright," Florian took the lute, and began playing

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