Florian's Magic Flute

Florian closed the creaky door of the sauna as quietly as possible and crawled under the window, still hearing the muted voices of the count's son Julian and his guests from the capital.

"I'm sorry, guys, but I need to practice another instrument now, and you're too busy talking anyway," the flutist whispered, slipping nimbly through the bushes, then she passed by the cute piglet farm, down a small hill and after five minutes of strolling through the forest he arrived at her favorite clearing.

The pathway to the capital which crossed this clearing was used by a few merchants, but only on mondays and fridays, the rest of the days the whole place entirely belonged to Florian and she could feel completely at home in here, within the walls of the forest trees.

She kicked off her sandals and pulled off her newly sewed cotton tights.

"Here, here, poor fellows. You're way too tight, I don't want you to get ripped again," Florian spoke, packing the tights neatly under a tree. "I'm so sorry I've been getting too good for you lately, but at least you can sit here and enjoy the show... Now, isn't it a little windy around here today? I wonder what it would be like, to be a lonely young tree, standing in this clearing, getting bent all the way to the ground by the strong wind..."

The pantless musician shivered both from the thought and the wind licking her bare legs from the toes to the butt cheeks. But she didn't come here to practice a long speech or something like that, that was Julian's specialty, not hers, she thought and began swinging her legs in various directions, forward, backward, to the sides, just like in ballet, reaching higher and higher as she continued warming up, until her foot started flying all the way over her head from every possible side. Every time it did, she grabbed herself by the knee and tried to squeeze her body as firmly as she could to her thigh.

After becoming very fluent with these movements, she froze for a minute with her right leg lifted straight in the air from behind, her thigh pressing tightly against her back all the way from the butt to the shoulder. Her other foot rested on the ground and she waited patiently until her whole body balanced itself out and calmed down as much as possible, before proceeding to stretch further and further into a greater oversplit, like a supple branch struggling against the heaviest wind, trying to watch her balance, until her limbered up leg bent all the way from the vertical to horizontal alignment, both legs remaining just as straight as they were.

Standing there on one foot with the rest of her body stretched into the most wondrous posture, Florian began studying her own bare leg laying solidly over her shoulder, wondering why master Matthew, her contortion teacher, could never resist kissing her leg whenever they had the chance to practice in private... Did it taste that good? Florian nibbled on the side of her own knee. The taste wasn't really awful, though it wasn't anything special, just the taste of normal clean skin, pretty much the same as when licking fingers or anything else... though it felt kind of nice to the leg itself and she continued planting light kisses here and there, getting higher and higher up the thigh. The stretch certainly tested her whole body to its very limits but after a great effort she only managed to lay a kiss around the middle of her thigh, unable to push herself any further than that.

"Gasp! What a great challenge," she released herself a bit to inhale, feeling like a snail trying to curl up into its shell. After relaxing a bit she immediately repeated the new exercise and kept herself busy with it for quite a long time, until she ended up giving herself the goal to kiss her own butt cheek one day, though from today's perspective it seemed overly dream-like.

The whole experience made her look at her own leg somewhat differently than before, in the morning it was just a leg, now she was huggling it like one of her dear musical instruments that couldn't talk in human tongue but nevertheless had feelings and could talk to her in different ways than words. She was quite good at playing both flute and lute, now the thought that her own body parts could be also seen as instruments made her quite excited.

Florian lay her lips on the knee and moved her fingers along the ankle. It ticked but of course produced no melody whatsover, other than that inside her head. But for a good musician like Florian that was quite enough and she began playing one of her favorite songs inside her imagination, smooching her own knee and moving her fingers along her own ankle.

"And every once in a while bend it," she remembered her music teacher's words, becoming more and more animated, standing on one foot and swaying playfully this and that way as any flutist would, playing her own leg like a flute. Soon she started murmuring the melody with her nose and almost bursted out laughing at her own buffoonery, although it was coming out rather nicely. With some practice she could probably become a court jester very easily with a performance like this, and maybe even play for prince Martin himself!

It was so funny that Florian just couldn't continue enjoying it alone. She quickly unbent herself and, after giving her lower back a light massage, she put on her pants and ran straight through the forest in the direction of the tavern, where she could usually find master Matthew. He kept telling this girl she needs to combine her music and contortion more, and she was already quite good at playing the lute in various extraordinarily poses, in fact she couldn't remember the last time she played the lute or the flute in any normal position! But this new thing here was really something she couldn't wait to show off!

If I may I want to make this a gift to my dear friend Aldric, who in fact took the photo that I used for the background here ^.^ <3

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