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"Basil Robin, mind your manners and put your legs under the table!"
"But mom I'm not that flexible yet!"
"Both your father and older brother are such famous contortionists and all you can do is a Ruppel backbend!"
"Well, do you want some buns with your tea, dear?"
"Yes! Make it two, mom!"
"Uh, that's why you can't bend like all the normal children, your rear is just too fat!"
"But one is supposed to have two buns, right? Having one or three would be unnatural."
"Oh I see you're going to be a British comedian when you grow up."
"No mom! I'm going to be a military fairy!"
"Oh really, now? Don't make me laugh--because you're a natural born comedian--but only the most flexible boys and girls can Join the Military! The bendy elite of the Kingdom, day and night they patrol the boundaries of the impossible, fight to expand the very limits of reality. Those brave young men are spineless and fearless, the honorable heroes of all the hot horny hoes and trash trampling traps. Briefly, Basil Robin, with your current flexibility you simply have no chance."
"Hmm. Hmm. Maybe I should have only one bun after all."

This picture was taken by a stray cat.

I liked her swimsuit very much!
I think she can compare with Erika and who knows, maybe one day she becomes better than her!!
Do more and hope with the same swimsuit hahaha!
Very glad you enjoyed her so much, hehehe... 😉
Что ни день, то новый арт:) Шикарно.
Every day, new art:) Gorgeous.
Спасибо огромное! Я занимаюсь искусством, вы пишете комментарии. Мы делаем это 40 лет, а затем умираем. Мне это кажется хорошей сделкой, что скажешь? 🧐
Thank you so much! I make art, you write comments. We do that for 40 years, and then we die. That seems like a good deal to me, what do you say?
Oh, come now. Her bottom isn't hardly fat at all. That was just rude of her parents. Still, impressive for the age implied. Hahah, I know! But she's still a lazy bum 🤣
Manners! If you can't put your feet under the table, at least bend your knees! :D ;) Such a nice and comfy idea! Lovely angle and colors! Thumbs so up! :) I'm so very happy to know that you enjoyed it! Yes, after all these years I have a feeling like I'm getting a good eye for angles and whatknot..
Maybe Basil is British and only bends the knees for the queen. But that's still no excuse for this disgusting behavior... eek, I mean, behaviour 🤭
Two more please. Story is short but funny and look at Basil's young years is hearth warming.
And thanks to cat for image too :-)
"Triplefolds? Make it double!"
"Basil you're slacking again!!"
I swear this cat got a good eye for folds! I'm very happy you enjoyed the picture so much!!
It was funny to get back in those years, I think it maybe around the time he used to cosplay Alice in Wonderland 😘
Hope to see the animated version, thanks
好主意!谢谢 😉
Good idea! Thank you
How long does it take you to model one of this Gods ? and how long to pose it ? Hmm, I've never thought of that... I have so many things that I'm literally juggling, just a little here and there... I wouldn't be able to tell how long anything takes individually 😅
The way you paint joints in extreme bends are unique and masterful! Bravo! I'm very happy that you think so! Thank you!! 😊
Awwww... He's so adorable here. I love seeing you play with your characters.

Yeah, his mom may be critical of his lazy bum, but she obviously cares for her son's looks. That perfect hair and that leotard cut almost to the armpits 😝
if a Ruppel bend is average, what's the best? I'm almost scared to ask Hmmm, scary indeed to define "the best" but I think the more advanced after the Ruppel bend would be quadruple fold and octafold and can't think of the name for Nate's favorite 😝
💌 What do you think?

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