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First Sight

The first meet of the muscled and experienced knight Krieg and the slender limber cadet Xim! ^o^

The weather was nothing special and Xim was just idling in the street since he graduated from the flight academy last week, which he didn't even properly celebrate yet, even though he spent five long years training his slim body to pack inside the tiny patrolling hovercraft and his reflexes to become an ace at flying, and today he was finally applying for his very first real job, but the officials told him to wait outside and it's been already twenty minutes of waiting...

Suddenly Xim saw a knight in shining armor crossing the street and approaching him. He was getting closer and closer. "Knights have gorgeous bodies," this idle thought crossed Xim's mind. He really liked big guys, there was a feeling of safety while standing next to them that almost made Xim melt, though he didn't dare to get close to one yet and was still a virgin himself. The man walked very close and now was passing by right in front of Xim. He was wearing sunglasses so it was impossible to tell if he's also looking back at Xim, but Xim sure was staring at him with all his curiosity, pretty much undressing the man in his horny head.

"Tonight at the Space Bar," the man suddenly half-whispered without even stopping, as if he didn't want anybody else to overhear it.

"What?" Xim raised a brow and looked at the man very curiously, trying to compute what he just heard.

The man then stopped and looked at him over his shoulder: "Aren't you a hooker?"

"Er? No, I'm...I'm a pilot," Xim couldn't find anything better to say to such a strange question.

"A pilot?" not a single muscle moved on the knight's face. "Ah yes! The rookie from the academy? Apologies for mistaking you for a hooker, but you were giving me quite a stare."

"Not at all!! If being a hooker means we can hit the Space Bar tonight, I don't mind being one for a day..." Xim chuckled as he was intending to tell a joke, but then he immediately blushed hard after realizing he just did quite a move toward that man.

"Er. Alright. And being a pilot, you can do all these...things that pilots can do, right?"

"What things?" Xim's mind was still somewhere else.

"Well. Pilots have to be very stretchy to get inside those tiny things," he pointed at a small hovercraft that was just flying above them by coincidence.

"Ah! Wow, that boy is gooood!" Xim looked at the sky, shielding his eyes with his palm, until the tiny hovercraft disappeared behind a skyscraper. "But sure! I can do that! Wanna test me?"

Xim really felt like showing a little bit now, as he felt kind of challenged by the pilot who just flighted above their heads. He straightened his stance, then arched his bare torso, moving his mid-torso forward and his shoulders backwards without moving his hip. His ribcage defined through his skinny chest and he folded his torso so much that his shoulders pretty much lay on his lower back. His spine produced not the slightest cracking sound, as if his torso was simply made of rubber.

It took five years to make it this perfect but the hard training was worth it, as it provided the pilot with the category A license that let one drive that super small hovercraft with which one could get really nice job offers. Xim was pretty proud to show his professional skills and everyone back in the flight academy kept telling him with such a body he was born to be a pilot, but Xim kept saying he wasn't naturally flexible as a child and it's the hours of daily work that made wonders to his body.

Xim could swear the knight's cheeks reddened at the sight of his defined ribcage and that slight blush probably meant blushing very hard by the man's standards.

"Nnnnot here... I'll get a private room," the knight clicked his shield and summoned the holographic interface.

"W- wait, I can't leave now, I'm waiting for Mr. Krieg, I gotta do a job interview first, then I'm yours to the rest of the day!"

"I am Krieg," the man smirked self-importantly, as if he devised a big and sophisticated mission and plan and it just worked perfectly. "They told me the new pilot arrived, so I hurried back to the office, though I wasn't expecting the sexy boy standing there by the parking pole would be you."

"Oh! So you are..." Xim gulped when he realized they're not just going to hit the bar once but he's actually going to work for this man. Man, his life sucked so hard prior to this very day, but from this day on it's really going to blow! What a sheer stroke of luck. And this man blushed so hard seeing his bending skills, even though for Xim himself stretching was the most boring chore but he was so good at it that this knight was probably going to be entertained by him. A LOT. Flexibility was certainly the joker card here. So so lucky!

The knight nodded. "Let's go. And we can do your whole interview to a couple of shots at the bar. I wanna know all about you. And then you demonstrate some more of your...professional skills, maybe?"

"Sure!" Xim nodded immediately. He couldn't believe his first work was going to be so easy.

The knight finished sliding his fingers over the holographic surface and went ahead. Xim followed quietly behind his back, his head ready to explode of all the expectations.

Space BarKrieg and Xim

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