Fireballs for Dummies

How to cast a fireball. Amuser's manual.

1. Sensually move your body, thinking of helluva lot of hot things until you literally get cockbumps.

2. Quickly assemble it all into one deadly concentrate of lewd imagery shrunk down to the size of a fist.

3. Throw it at the foe with all your love and best regards! Think of how you used to play snowballs or tarballs, depending on where you grew up.

4. See if they can still recover from masturbatory insanity and repeat as necessary.

5. Don't forget you can draw energy for your fireballs directly from your foes' lust, so dress and move appropriately and use their own arousal against them!

6. Studying a lot of exotic lewd at home and being creative with your roommates will also help leveling up your casting power in peaceful times.

What do you think? 😄
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