Final Checkpoint

Hello, Jim. I want to play a game. You've spent several years of your life purposely turning yourself into a freak of nature.

Remember why you first started to do that. You were a hopeless beggar. Desperately trying to find at least something to eat, you started wearing your belt tight and showing off to people in the street how small your waist can be. People were giving you money out of compassion, so that you could stop torturing yourself, but you kept insisting it's because they appreciate this "talent" of yours and only pushed your poor waist more and more.

In less than two weeks you were already hired by a local circus and started participating in what you call your "successful career". Your unusual little act was turned into a big show. In less than a year you already had a home and a lot of money.

You were out of the poverty and could find a normal job and stop torturing yourself, but you were too blinded by money and popularity. You kept making fun of your body and your life that was given to you, working toward "the world's record for the smallest waist in the documented history" as you officially called it.

People call you a tight-lacer, a wasp boy, a freak. I call you unworthy of the body you possess, of the life that have been given.

The device around your waist is a cincher. The cincher constricts your waist to the size of the backbone, something you've always desired to achieve, but never could because the human body is not supposed to do that. Congratulations, now you know what your precious dream feels like and I hope you appreciate my effort. Within an hour your body will be dead because of the constriction.

But don't worry. I am going to give a hint. So listen carefully. To the left and right sides of you notice the handles. Turning either of the handles would give you a relief, unfortunately the handles are very tight and won't move so easily. The stretch you'd need to do to reach them and the muscle tension you'd need to apply would destroy one of your kidneys, depending on the side you will choose. It will be the pain you've never experienced before in your so-called "training sessions". In your practice, you didn't care much about your innards anyway, so it's not such a big loss, don't you think?

If you survive, you will no longer be able to torture yourself the way you're used to. If turning the handle takes more than 20 minutes, your lower body will be paralyzed forever. In any case, you will have to change your profession to something more pleasant and peaceful. Perhaps, a writer of your own memoirs?... Or you will simply rest in peace. In two pieces. What an irony.

How much pain you would share to stay alive, Jim. Live or die. It's your choice...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear Serial Killer!

Thank you so very much for introducing me to this delightful "torture device" of yours, or should I say, by now, the greatest invention in the world of waist cinching?

Unfortunately you don't seem to view waist cinching as a valid form of art or at least a valid hobby, and you surely have never practiced it yourself or studied it deeply enough, otherwise you'd take into account that certain breathing techniques and tension of specific muscles may help to control the internal organs in more ways than you can imagine. I've spent several months in India, practicing these techniques all day long. So I should mention that my kidneys are as healthy as ever after your test.

Concerning the lower part of my body, I didn't reveal it to my fans yet, but I've been practicing very hard lately to be able to put my waist into a long and narrow tube, the so-called "pipe-stem corset" which until now existed only in fiction. So trying to squeeze only such a small fraction of my waist line did pretty much nothing to me, as I'm used to compress a much broader section of my torso.

As for your arguments against waist cinching, let me tell you that it's this practice that made me truly realize the greatness of the gift I've been given, the body. It's this practice that made me study every inch of my body and realize what a great organism it truly is and how many things in it are interconnected. Without appreciating my own body as much as I do, I'd never be able to gain this level of control over it and achieve such results, instead I'd just die while mindlessly trying to squeeze my waist.

In any case, I once again must say that I'm very thankful for the idea of your device and I must confess for a few minutes I was experimenting turning the handles in the opposite direction of what you intended, just to check how far more I could go. And I have already ordered the construction of a similar and slightly improved device for my own personal use (my version will have a much broader belt). I hope that nobody would mind that I stole its design from a serial killer who tried to kill me :]

With best wishes,
Jimmy Hoods

This is something I drew under the impression from the gallery of Torventris and the Saw franchise.