Miqo'te Contortionist

Here is some screenshot magic from Final Fantasy XIV, featuring my character Eric Beaumont a.k.a. Bishie Eric, working hard on reviving the lost Miqo'te arts :3

Sad but true, the bendy arts are forgotten in today's Eorzea, most people in the world are not even aware of its existance and only a few performers are left, some in Idyllshire, some in Thanalan... there's also this hulahoop boy in Gridania but I guess it's irrelevant...

Eric got these skills from his mom and never regret it, even though it wasn't something that people liked much these days, but he could totally feel why the ancient Miqo'te invented this whole form of art in the first place.

Contortionism was meant for the Miqo'te bodies, maybe one day in the future he should open the Contortionist Guild or at least give it a try... Or the Grand Company could provide some Bendy Leves... Well, a cat boy can dream XDD

This is just a parody fanwork. All assets © Square Enix. Made using Ultra Hi-End Screenshot Manipulation Technology™

What do you think? 😄
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