F.E.E.D. (WIP)

(Description by Kito)

The Fluid-Enhancing-Enforcement-Device is an essential part of B-Drones, used to turn the modified body of a B-Drone into a fluid-processing unit, enhancing A-Drone fluid, orally taken in when in their service-period.

The F.E.E.D. is installed through a mechanism inside the B-Drone’s maintenance-chamber. When unmounted, the corset-like object is split vertically and consisting of the shape a regular cylinder would have.

The metal-polymer will fuse as soon as the two halves are brought together around the B-Drone’s waist, locking the black cylinder with silver horizontally aligned rings tightly around the mid-section of the torso. Afterwards, the robot-manipulator arms will remove their grip from the corset. Shortly after, the two wide metal rings will start tightening in on the B-Drone’s waist, forming a wasped waist and triggering the nanobots inside the body of the drone to reorganize.

This process will gradually tighten the waist-circumference, depending on how much time passed after the B-Drone was integrated. The more time passes, the tighter the circumference. Two flexible parts, able to sink in to each other will form a hourglass shape with the silver belt-like rings being the narrowest and the upper and lower V-shaped plates of the F.E.E.D. being the widest part.

As soon as the waist-circumference reached the lowest threshold, a second mechanism will further enhance the body of the B-Drone. A spreading mechanism, sustained by a black spring-like rod located directly above the drone’s backbone will push the upper and the lower half of the device apart.

Indicator-lights are located at the upper front of the device, showing which level of force is applied to form a stem, housing only the drone-boy’s backbone and fluid-enhancing parts, maxing out the amount, the speed and the quality of fluid to be processed by the B-Drone.

Inner rods serve as guidance and as support for keeping the stem in its form. Needles, to be inserted into six holes, three on the upper, three on the lower part of the halves, finalize the installation of this contraption. Tubes are connected to the needles, sustaining blood- and nanofluid-flow between the upper and the lower body half. Due to the nanobots getting accustomed to the drones body, the F.E.E.D. is getting more and more effective over time.

After returning to the maintenance-chamber, the mechanism is completely reversed and unmounted, leaving only a slightly wasted waist behind, restoring all bodily functions of the B-Drone during sleep.

©️ Noel Simons belongs to Kito