Fasten Your Belts πŸ’«

Yasha Lebedev

Age: 18 years 162 months 17 days
Species: Siberian
Specialty: steward
Specifically: reminding passengers to fasten their belts

Every great career starts with something small and for Yasha it started as small as humanly possible. After 3 months of strict abdominal training he was finally assigned to his first job as a flight attendant for a space shuttle circulating between Earth and Mars.

Everybody knows the importance of tightening your seat belt during regular flights but in space travels that requirement becomes crucial. It's been over a 100 years since the discovery that tight-belting has a collosal effect on the human well-being during heavy atmospheric pressure.

Before the tight-belting era the spaceship crew had to consist of superhumans who trained for years just to not die during the launch. It was on June 6, 2101, when one of the astronauts pressed the belt-tightening button for too long and the belt choked him almost to the backbone. His trained body was able to bear that much pressure and he even liked it, but he liked it so much more when all the ill effects of the launch completely avoided him, while all the rest of the crew looked like ghosts and zombies...

This discovery had helped the mankind to travel all the way to Mars at greatly increased speed, taking slightly less than 11 days for the entire flight in one direction for regular people. Some special corsets allowed to shrink it down to just 62 hours but required some SSS tier equipment and dedicated 24/7 training for 9-10 weeks to achieve the required compression.

For Yasha becoming a special agent able to space travel at ludicrous speed was still the future, for now he was just a steward attending simple flights to field test his new skill. Though he didn't want to lie to himself, his waist did look and feel pretty damn good already and the passengers didn't need to be asked twice to fasten their belts with such a gorgeous steward around.

P.S. An example of how something small can change the whole picture! When making this I thought damn that hair makes him look like Anakin Skywalker, at first this was going to be a school scene like "hey I'm secretly a wasp lol.." but after that realization just had to rework everything into sci-fi environment and then the story somehow popped up XD

He looks shiny Like a star 🀩
I really like this haircut, it makes him look ultra sexy. And the scifi outfit is great too welcome to Snail Wars. One question though how many months is there in a year in this universe? I'm so glad you like the haircut, I don't even know how it evolved from his previous one into this but thought it looked nice ^^
Snail Wars! Hahaha, good one...

Dunno about your question, I just thought they stop aging at 18 years old and the rest of their life is counted in extra months, which I imagine can be over 9000 🀣
Genius. Tight belting would probably help with g-force loads too. Anything would be great really, I just always wanted tight belting to have some cool application, even if it's fictional ^^
I didn't realize he was such a huge fan of Aerobiz Supersonic. πŸ›«

Hmm I'm afraid I don't know what it is but looked it up and looks like an MSDOS game :3
He looks so cool and confident, that itΒ΄s intimidating. Reminds me of Reinhard von Lohengramm
Had to look it up and yeah, maybe a little.. :3
I would never imagine, you will do Yasha stylized somehow as officer from SW :-D you are really one and only Yuni. And can't help to feel guilty that I somehow inspired you with my coment. His hair and hmm waist beg to be touched and rubbed. Story is also very funny and properly twisted.

But I want our "light" smiley Yasha baaack :-) away with dark forces! On other had if we would find out this is his "dark" clone or something I would be drooling to see them together, balancing one another. Also agree that few details can change perception very much.

Story was also funny and had interesting setting.
Thanks for another trip to wonderland
I never thought I'd associate it with SW until the last moment when I realized he reminds me of something. I didn't look up SW and don't know what their officer outfits are, I watched the movies many years ago but somehow it just gave the SW vibe and then I remembered about May 4th, so I thought it would be convenient :D

I guess it's a good idea in general to try adding some clones to the world, it's been a while I was thinking of the Vraexol being able to generate humanoid spawns, I imagined basic spawns are simple but cute creatures who can fool humans and have sex with them to collect the important white fluid (human semen) used for the Vraexol's growth. Advanced spawns can be significantly improved, able to talk and telepathically connected to the Vraexol mycelium, so they can do diplomacy and make all kinds of deals with humans. But then there can be next level spawns who can be modelled after existing humans and copy their mental data at a certain time, so until that time the copied memories are the same as the original's but then after that the copy and the original start living their own lives.

I think clones are really useful, for example Yasha can get his own Andrzej if Andrzej is too busy and living in another country. Also when you're super talented and several places want to hire you at the same time, or if you're torn apart between wanting to get good at several things and can't choose, can always create a clone... Of course as in the example of Noah's Ark clones of the best people on the planet can be sent to build a new colony... :P
I like his steel gaze! "Don't argue with me and fasten your belt!" 🀣
Uniform, yours is by far better! Yet you nailed "vibe" exactly all the while it is way way way more efficient :)

Next I remembered I wanted to show you work of this artist. Ralph Mcquarrie, in my oppinion he was major (and largely unknown) reason why original Star Wars had such a unique magical feeling. Which is now just lost despite technology being so much more advanced, capable to showing any kind of scene. But without that special spirit this concept artist shown in each image, the world is just lacking something.
Even when depicting conflict and wapon fire, you kinda want to live in that world as it seems beautiful somehow. In modern versions, this is absent and nobody sane would want to be part of that. I hope Iam not offtopic!

Long video
Short one

Clones, Idea about simple spawns in body only seems quite fine to me. This will sound strange, but some months ago when bored waiting on bus stop I got an (somewhat obvious) idea that in future you could have clone controled by your own mind and so you could literally --ehm you know what-- yourself :-D and experience it on both ends at same time.

But a clone with just copied mind, thats kind of a strange as you are not unique anymore and that is not just a vanity but a) if clone does something better you know you are just a failure no excuse b) you can give up on doing anything as your exact copies already exists, why bother c) most things you ever do were done already including very little details. d) therefore nobody miss you if "you" stop existing
And that was in a fact issue with Noah, that because his unique experiences he was different and no other clone can just be a quite the same - replace him that easy, yet he mistakenly thought otherwise. Will write more there tomorow!
If Iam thinking too much forgive me.... always strugling to balance if I written too much or not enough in comment.

On other hand lets say you are having some kind of deadly accident, ie breaking your neck... and this alien entity will transfer your mind to exactly same body. That is still strange but most would be very ok with it. And in very scifi like case even solve "other side of world" problem as you would just transfer your mind to other clone body.

Yup time to end this megalong post :-)
"Next I remembered I wanted to show you work of this artist. Ralph Mcquarrie"

Yeah it's a good art, but I honestly don't remember any bad moments in SW episodes 1-8 that made me stop watching or left a bad aftertaste. I usually can't watch movies like that, like 2 days ago I tried to watch "Gangs of New York" because I read it was good but I only survived about 15%, just not my cup of tits. The same with most movies like that. But SW8 Last Jedi, I watched it all, think it's a good movie, but truth be told, I don't really remember any scenes from it or other new SW movies, they all have very good plots and many connections and extended lore, you watch and think wow that universe feels endless now, but the only catchy scene I can remember is the joke when the spaceship turns to be a clothes iron :D

"But a clone with just copied mind, thats kind of a strange as you are not unique anymore"

All the issues you listed (you're not sure of yourself, afraid someone will do better than you if given your body, you don't want to bother doing something because other people do it better or it was done before, afraid that you won't be missed because you can be easily replaced) are caused by depressive thinking. In 2201 depressed people, psychopaths and other mentally sick people don't exist anymore, so I can't imagine them having self-destructive thoughts like that. They're nice people, clones are just like twin brothers but with less obligations. The idea can be extended like clones could have one master body and the other copies are secondary, the master mind can switch between them, etc. But why bother with such complexities, maybe if I actually make a picture and would need a story for it then might dig deeper into it :D
I love Yasha, and you know I love how you do lower bellies... But the snail made me think of Snail Maze on the first Sega and I can't get it out of my head.

Wow I looked it up and seems like a really hardcore game but then what game from the 80-90s wasn't hardcore :D
The music in this game...indeed can't get it out of my head now XD
Yeah I do have this question in back of my mind always asking "What if?". Usually outcomes are great, but then in some cases... cant help to dragg it even into perfect world. Not as way how to corupt it but as a fear that someone might... . Sort of a Gruffi Gummi.
As result Iam too free thinking for most and too stuck in "past" for few visionaries. Say somewhere in year 2160 :-)
Alright Ill work on story some more, thanks for encouragement!
nice looking Thank you! πŸ˜‰
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