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Helmut's new tattoo "Fold Me" πŸ˜›

Don't think it's the only line where his spine can fold in half but this line was calculated after folding in a bucket for an hour and after unbending he had a clear mark what line was the most folded, so he made a tattoo there.

Well, showing off that tattoo is hard while folding, so had to be a bit more creative with the pose...

I'm loving it!! The way the skin is rendered is just stunning, it looks absolutely lifelike! Helmut is becoming my favorite character of yours xDxD
I'm very happy that you like him so much too! I love him and already working on at least two new pics! :3
I volunteer to bend him every which way he desires :p I bet he could use an extra pair of hands :D
ThatΒ΄s a very aesthetic shot and lovely words.
Thank you so much ^^
Oooh, I do love a good front bend like that! 😍 Very glad you liked it! ^_^
Hagamos caso a lo que dice el tatuaje πŸ˜‹
Let's pay attention to what the tattoo says
SΓ­, su tatuaje lo estΓ‘ pidiendo... :D
Yes, his tattoo is asking for it...
So sexy! I wonder if he can do a full lotus behind his back... Very glad you liked!! ^^
I think he could do that...
Please make more #dislocation ! Im loving it <3 Thank you so much, I'll try! ^^
He's really a sexy and bendy guy. I like his haircut too. Nice addition to your group of handsome flexible male harem. Thank you so much! I'm very proud of him too, feels almost like he's been around for years! Creating him was like pulling a 5-star character card 🀣
I've been thinking for a while for how to appreciate this but the details really made me speechless! Can't wait to see more! Thank you so much for the comment, it's the best thing I can hope for because I'm pretty insecure about posting all this art, but when there are good comments next to it, they make a huge difference and make me feel a lot more confident.
He's so beautiful! Can you talk about your approach to creating the lighting/shadows or any resources you'd recommend? Thank you so much!!
I usually start with HDRI, this is one of my top favorites:
This HDRI is good for lighting the character from one side and still have some shadows, I'm pretty sure I used it in this picture. There are many other HDRIs to try depending on the scene, I mean not every picture needs deep shadows.

If I want more control over the shadows or want to add highlights, I just add some spotlights, then if I want completely black shadows then I remove the HDRI completely but it often causes skin to look plastic so what I usually do is don't direct the spotlight at the character but more into empty space around them, letting the character be hit by the light's falloff. Maybe increase the falloff and intensity, usually it creates a nice gradient and makes it even look more artistic and softer like old paintings :D

This is one of the tutorials I watched about how to improve your lighting in general that I can recommend:
Also this probably more relevant to spotlights:
I don't use Blender for rendering though, I use Daz Studio but the lighting concepts are pretty much the same everywhere I think?

But I don't get results like this directly from the rendered image, there's still some contrast and color correction I have to do in Photoshop, also use a few filters like Nik Collection.
mmmf sexy Thank you πŸ₯°
I love lotus variations! How about an animation getting into that pose-or even further? 8D Thank you so much! But realistic human movements are nearly impossible to do in 3D in 2021, so asking to make an animation of getting into this pose that's waaaay ahead of our times...
>> "asking to make an animation of getting into this pose that's waaaay ahead of our times... "

If anyone can do it, it's you! ;) <3
You already realized such amazing animations (e. g. I'm still in awe with Yasha's twist, or Yasha's backbend to ball). Ok, that's way less complicated... but... <3
I love your art. I love your imagination. I love your perfectionism. And so much more. Thank you for enlightening my days every time!
Thank you so much! I hope there will be ways to make better animations at some point :P
An Exceptionally flexible Boi ! He's very alluring πŸ’•
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