Everyday Elven Fashion 2 (WIP)

The twins Benjamin and Jerome from the story Double Trouble by Curious4ever - showing some more of the everyday elven fashion! :3

As previously mentioned, elves in the Double Trouble world have a very different fashion depending on the current season. After exposing their stomachs while wearing only short tops and leggings for an entire season, for the next season after that they change to something completely different...

The bellies are completely covered for the entire season, meanwhile the legs get fully exposed. During this "legs season" the elves take a lot of pride in the beauty of their well-shaped legs by wearing 'panji', the very common elven outfit that's very similar to our leotards.

Panjis have a thousand and one style, ranging from low-cut to high-cut ones and including all the possible colors, patterns and ornaments.

Another important thing to mention that those two are neither male or female, as elves are genderless and include the traits of both genders, while their crotch is completely smooth without any hint of reproductive organs.

An elf keeps this genderless form until the very day he/she meets a soulmate, which triggers the process known as 'gendering' when the elf changes to either a girl or a boy. Normally, this is determined by the fact that he/she has a twin, twin elves almost always become boys, while single-born elves normally become girls.

Must be something to do with chromosomes... Either way, that's why twins, despite their androgynous looks, usually have male names, while non-twin elves have female names.

Benjamin & Jerome belong to Curious4ever ©