Everyday Elven Fashion

{Billy, David and Lucien from the story Double Trouble by Curious4ever – showing some of the everyday elven fashion}! :3

This is their outfits from Chapter 6. Much like humans in our world have different clothes for winter and summer, elves also have seasonal dresses and every elf carefully follows the tradition of wearing specific clothes for each season.

Though it's quite amusing because during one season it's appropriate to expose one's stomach and wear leggings and short tops; in the next season after that it's suddenly all about exposing one's legs and wearing leotard-like dresses called 'panji', so for that entire season the beautiful bellies are no longer to be seen in public.

Well with fashion like that they must be really excited every time there's a new season XD

David, Billy and Lucien belong to Curious4ever ©

What do you think? 😄
Elven fashion is at its best when the midriff is exposed. Would be so fun to have this trio gang up on me and "force" (can't actually "force" the willing) me to lick their three belly buttons. Such a fun picture. Read more
Elves are wide known to be the prettiest but I don't think it's just their natural gift. In my version of the fantasy world at least elves love to explore fashions and various skills that make them even more attractive. Their gods encourage them to entertain and please others in exchange for alliances and protection 😉 Read more
Besides elves being wildly attractive they also dress themselves in accord with their beauty.
An "old" image of yours I always liked very much.
/<o> Read more
I'm very glad you liked the image and it's not super old I think. Those elves are from another fantasy world, so I can't say much about their traditions, I just followed their descriptions in the story 😊 Read more
Just can't help it ... find myself visiting every single day. Read more
Very glad to know it ^^ Read more
Ah, more of the tight spandex. :-) And it comes in beautiful color combinations. Belly free is a good idea. Might become my favourite season. Though the others might also be interesting.
These two in blue, white and gold seem to be quite fond of each other. ^^
The "carrot" colored one's pose is very reminiscent of oriental dance poses. All of them look like they're about to dance. I think I'll sit down and watch them move. Read more
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