Every Bendy Beggar's Dream

This is a little experiment trying to combine a drawing with a background based on the stock photo Victorian staircase by devCRStock, I found this place may be IDEAL to represent Julian's residence ^-^

Matthew (on the left) was born to a rather poor family of an innkeeper and spent his childhood helping his dad and mom to take care of the place. Following a friend's advice, his dad taught him a few acrobatic moves to entertain their customers, just to make Matthew a little bit more useful.

Julian (on the right) was born to a pretty rich family of the local count and spent his childhood helping his dad and mom to take care of the very important business of getting rid of permanent boredom, so that it doesn't bore everybody to death, haha. In order to do so, he'd regularly take music and dance lessons and occasional horse-riding.

Once, out of sheer boredom, Julian somehow ended up in some cheap tavern where all of a sudden he was given quite a sight, as Matthew was right in the middle of performing one of his bendy stunts upon a beer keg.

and of course Julian's eyes popped almost outta the orbits as his whole boredom was blown away, as if by a hurricane! So the next morning Matthew received an official invitation to the count's residence to discuss a possible job opportunity... ^_^;;

What do you think? 😄
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