Practice, practice, practice. Concentration is most important for an ice mage. Making the body bend to one's will, and one's will bend to the word of his masters. That's what Ethaniel has been taught since the earliest childhood. Growing to be a mage has never been easy, to grow as a mage -- and survive -- one had to be perfect. A perfect will in the perfect body. The "masters" are long gone now, but the mastery still remains.

Haven is so cold. Frozen peaks as far as your eye can see. Makes these mountains a good home, the best place for meditation and polishing his mastery of the will. And body. Body and mind are one -- so he had been taught back in the Circle -- there is no two, no separation, and this whole single item has to be made impeccable. That took hours a day as a child to turn the bodymind into a mere instrument to his will. It still takes an hour or two of merciless practice even now, to keep the energy flowing as intensely. Ever aware, ever prepared.

The bottom feels so warm against the upper back. Being able to bend his body so freely as to sit upon his own shoulders has always been his favorite part of the training. As a young kid he had been forced to contort this way as a measure to make his handstand more demanding. It was way too easy and he started to develop a tendency to lose his concentration even while hand-standing with only his fingers touching the ground. He was ridiculously good, too good for the common training techniques; his masters had to invent something new, something a lot more... back-breaking. And they did come up with something.

Other children often made fun of Ethaniel for being able to hold these absurd positions, although there were those who secretly admired them. Admiring something too openly would be forbidden by the templars, it might have consequences, so the poor boy mostly received nothing but mockery.

But he's not in the Circle anymore, he is a free mage, free to go wherever he wants. He's powerful enough for that now. And only these days recently he has finally learned about the true attractiveness of this skill. So many people now gather to admire his practicing -- or even peek at him secretly -- that for more serious self-training he has to go far enough from Haven, find a desolate place to hide from the prying eyes of his own comrades and companions. All in all, he is a mage, not everyone's clown.

But he does enjoy the fact that these moves entertain others. Especially Iron Bull. The large bulky man is simply unable to grasp how this thin, lithe figure is capable of twisting and folding the way it does. But the man likes to help with this practice. It's both very hurtful and very arousing at the same time. The young elf can't help but reaches up for a kiss when Bull pushes his thighs down, crooking his form into an absurd, impossible curve. More and more. So much that his back muscles get numb in the sharp fold of his backbone. It seems unhealthy and even anatomically impossible, but Ethaniel knows no second bodily sensation as pleasing as this. Ah, of course what follows after Bull gets way too aroused by the elven form in his hands is pleasurable too. Hell yes. Bull knows how to stretch. In all possible and impossible ways...

Ethaniel belongs to KukkiisArt with this story set in the Dragon Age: Inquisition universe.