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Erika's Initiation

"Hello and please do undress. What is your name?"


"Well, you have a very nice body and a very cute face, Erika. That is most perfect. I assume you've been told the rules of our guild?"

"Yep. Walk around almost naked, seduce people, convert their lust into magical energy, use the magical energy for various things like flying and umm... Dariush didn't tell me what else yet..."

"Many things. So what is the most seductive thing you can do?"

"And then I showed him some of my contortions and he was like, oh my gods, welcome to the guild!! You're, like, the best member we've ever had in years! Do we even need magic anymore when we have you!!"

Mary giggled, as always forgetting not to drink fresh juice and listen to Erika's dream stories at the same tme.

"So that Archmage of theirs looked almost like he was going to rape me on the spot, but instead he pat me on the shoulder and gave me some ancient-looking scroll that had the big word 'Passed' on it."

"Most ridiculous," Mary laughed. "What kind of contortions did you do there? Something impossible like backbending three times around yourself?"

"Oh no, not this time! Those were perfectly doable! Here, lemme spice up your salad a little," Erika pulled off her only sleeveless plaid shirt that wasn't even buttoned to begin with. Her morning dress was as usual purely decorative. "Mmm, too bad my boobs are not as huge as they usually are in my dreams and my skin isn't at all oiled up, but oh well... turn on your imagination, I guess!"

She took a pile of fashion mags off a stylish round table and threw them on the armchair nearby, then dragged the table to the very middle of the room...

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