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Erika's Exercises v2

Erika's ExercisesMary's cellar had a warmed wooden floor and all kinds of training devices along the wall. It didn't have a single window but was well lit with warm artificial light, although a couple of lamps already broke and there was no man in the house to fix them. But Mary didn't even want to fix them, a bit less light was even better for what this room was used for.

The cellar was built by Mary's ex-husband who left her for a younger girl after five years of marriage. Mary still lived in this house and used the cellar for her daily yoga exercises.

Shortly after the divorce, Mary got the job of a yoga instructor in a fitness center near her house, and that's where she met Erika, a cheerful teenager who just found some contortion pictures on the internet and suddenly decided to put all her college-free time to become just as flexible.

At first Mary had major doubts about the girl's sudden obsession because such things usually lasted until the first failure. But after just one day of exercising Erika's feet could touch the back of her own head and at the end of her first yoga session she managed to put her leg behind her head.

That quick progress surprised Mary and she invited Erika to take free private lessons at her home where they could exercise for a whole evening. Since then Mary didn't have to spend evenings alone stretching in the cellar and she began passing all her knowledge to the younger generation.

Erika came every day after five in the evening and they worked out so hard that by nine both were deadly tired and Mary let the girl sleep at her place, so Erika usually left Mary's house only in the morning to take a bus straight to her college.

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