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Erika's Dream

"Oh Mary," Erika entered the kitchen. "Guess what, I was dreaming about us again!! Wanna hear?"

"Sure I do, baby," Mary was fixing a light breakfast at the moment.

"Imagine," Erika continued, "We had a whole tropical island just for ourselves! Don't even know how we afforded it but the whole beach was ours without a single person around so we were just playing around naked, enjoying the sea since the earliest morning. The sun made me feel so warm that I felt like doing yoga. But instead of being myself I saw myself from the side somehow... it felt almost as if I was looking through your eyes, Mary, watching myself and I was doing so well I got incredibly sweaty..."

"Eww," Mary laughed, wrinkling her nose.

"Haha! It was just dream-sweat, more like I was covered in oil all over and my body was so shiny in the sun! So I did lots of yoga poses but then suddenly I stood up and ran into the sea and I was swimming for like ten minutes, sometimes jumping out of the water just like the little mermaid, haha!"

"You have a beautiful imagination, my dear," Mary suddenly felt like hugging Erika's sylphlike slender body and pulled her closer.

"Aww, Mary, that's not all!" Erika giggled. Their noses and foreheads touched.

"Then go on," Mary gave her some space but didn't release that soft tiny waist of the girl.

"I came out of water and I was still watching myself through your eyes. I was all wet and you wanted to take a picture of me, so you grabbed a camera and told me to strike a sexy pose and I was thinking how should I bend but you suddenly said: just stand like that, it's perfect! And I was like okay. Next I saw several pictures you took, kinda like a slide show of me standing there all naked and wet, haha... well, that's all, I guess!" Erika stretched her adorable lips in a catlike smile.

"How about we make your dream come true today after you took a shower?" Mary reached and kissed her teen angel on the lips.

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