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Erika the Alchemist

As usual, Erika was bending her back in the cropfields of her home village, when suddenly a muscled man came about. He was wearing something like a black coat with a hoodie and long black boots, but pretty much nothing else.

Although such looks would be pretty scandalous in most places, in the village of Suppleham full frontal nudity was nothing special, it was a nudist colony with strong beliefs of equal rights between humans and animals with a positive outcome for both. Not only the animals had the right not to be slaughtered for human food, but humans also had the rights to enjoy their birthsuits without fear of finger-pointing and worse.

Suppleham was famous as a place where you could see some of the most beautiful bodies, and this man approaching was a living example, from the toned thighs to the smoothly shaved crotch to the well-toned pecs, everything was worth being reproduced in marble, pulling some kind of a heroic stance.

Black Thaumaturge"Hello there, young lady. I see you're quite a flexible one!" the man said gazing at Erika, who was standing on all fours and rather successfully trying to touch her head to her own butt.

"Been bending my back since I was a kid, sir," the cutie replied without the slightest panting, despite her whole frame being stretched in the most remarkable way. "What's the matter?"

"I've been around the world a lot and saw flexibility, but I've got to say that your skills are quite marvelous!"

"Oh, really? Why thank you, good sir. I'm Erika. And you are a famous traveller then?"

"Yeah. But not a mere tourist. The name's Dariush Lovehorn. I'm an alchemist and a writer, gathering knowledge from all over this world."

"Archie...mist? What's that?" Erika raised a brow.

"Al-chemist, you see, sort of like a scientist, but more in the realm of chemistry and magic. Love chemistry and sexual magic, to be perfectly precise... You see, good lady, we alchemists study the sexual attractiveness of the body for the purpose of obtaining and re-using the lustful energies of other people in order to channel them into..."

"W- wa- wait a minute, is it all about sex? If that's what this talk is about then I've got to disappoint you, sir, I'm not into men very much. But if you go upon that hill you'll find my girlfriend Collie, she's watching over the sheep but she's always in the mood for cock," Erika chuckled, "You won't miss her, she has a waist like this," she touched the tips of her thumb and middle finger, "And a small dog's collar on it."

Collie the Shepherd"Quite a wasp then, isn't she? I'll definitely have to see that! I've got to say you have most remarkable girls in your village."

"Guys too if you're into them. But you'll have to talk with Collie about that, I don't deal with guys very much myself and might not know something she knows... She has a beautiful brother, though," Erika mumbled, rolling her eyes. "He's a hostler and quite a horse himself in certain parts..."

"Very sweet, I can appreciate the company of a fair man, but I must apologize for the possible misunderstanding. You see, the purpose of my travels is not exactly sex tourism but to witness and describe the phenomena of sexual attractiveness itself..."


"Excuse me, my mistress taught me to talk like this since I was a boy. What I mean is, I'm looking for people who look really sexy and then I study them, trying to figure it out and describe them in my books, so that we, alchemists, could learn how to make ourselves as sexy as possible. The reason is, when other people look at our bodies, we're able to capture their lust and convert it into magical power. We call it channel number 5."

"Ohh... that... almost made sense somehow. So... I take it there are more people sort of like yourself then?"

"A whole guild!"

"A whole guild full of pervy guys?" Erika giggled.

"I'd say mostly pervy girls..."

"Mmm! Must be a nice place then, that guild of yours... Myself, I've never traveled further than the gypsy camps in the east..." she waved in the direction of the forest.

"Too bad, you'd only need to go a bit further to the south-east along the river and you'd reach Al-Hedsit in no time. Then you just take a path to the biggest mountain that would be the mount Al-Hedsit. Enter almost any cave you see, they all lead to the temple of Aquarius, which is pretty much our home."

"Curious... But I mostly go to the gypsy camp with Collie, she likes to watch their tight-belted dancing boys and then buys herbs from them that help keeping her waist so tiny, but I don't think I could convince her to travel any further. I always tell her, Collie, why don't we check that clearing over there, it looks so sunny and I could give you a nice waist massage in the grass, but no... you know, there could be bandits and wolves in there, and all that. She's a scaredy cat! Or maybe all shepherds are like that, I dunno..."

"Well, next morning I'm going back to my guild, so if you aren't a scaredy cat yourself, you could join me on the flight. I think I can even take a day off to show you around the guild and will put you back in Suppleham in the evening."

"Wow, you've even got a flying carpet? Isn't that nice!"

"Not exactly a carpet but... yeah. Too bad you aren't into guys, though..."

"Why? Well, I'm generally not into random strangers but I got to admit you're making me kinda horny," she giggled, arching her back with feline grace. "But what's the matter, what does it have to do with flying?"

"Let me show you something..." Dariush started taking off his coat, his long blond curls fell no his bare shoulders.

"Heyyy, hold your horses," Erika backed a little. "I said 'kinda horny', not 'it's okay to jump on me like a stallion on a mare', okay? We in Suppleham may try to learn the best from the animals but not to that extent..."

"Look!" Dariush shook the coat in the air and to Erika's surprise it transformed into a wide velvety bedsheet which remained floating above the ground. "Welcome aboard!"

"Oh my... this is so cool!" instantly forgetting all about her inner struggle, Erika crawled closer and began touching the cloth. "So soft! How does it even fly like that?!"

"One of our inventions, it takes sexual energy as a fuel to get higher, so normally I have to... you know... So it's much less boring with a partner."

"And umm, where's your partner now?"

"Erm. I don't have one yet. Life is a bit more difficult for male alchemists, most of our girls are lesbian, most of our guys are taken, hookers are too expensive since they charge per hour and you have to put them back where you picked them..."

"Ahh, you're quite unlucky I see," she studied him up and down, trying to make up her mind about something. "Mmm. I have nothing to do this week, parents left to the capital, my girlfriend is busy, so we can fu... I mean fly, as much as you want," she winked.

"Seriously? Wow, aren't you a lucky find. I'm glad I took this road! I hope I won't wear you out, though, alchemists have a lot of stamina and I'm afraid we'll have to do it non-stop or the cape would land upon some tree..."

"Hah! I'm a girl, that's another word for stamina," she crawled onto the flying coat and spread herself over the velvety surface. "Oh my, it feels go great... I want a bed like this so badly! So... what do we do exactly?"

"Well, if you aren't afraid of heights, doggy style is most convenient, you'll get to see very nice sights. Otherwise, I'd say the missionary pose..."

"What about the cowgirl?"

"That's out of the question, I'm the navigator so I need to be able to see where we're flying. But you can always become an alchemist yourself and get your own flying coat, then you can cowgirl your partner all you like," he added jokingly but suddenly captured a serious expression on Erika's face.

"Hmm. Deal! Where do I have to sign to get my own flying coat?"

"Well... Erm..." he studied the beautiful female body stretched in front of him. "With this body and those flexibility skills, I'd think you actually could become a full member in a matter of days..."

"And then I get my own flying coat?"

"After the initiation, certainly..."

"Cooool," she nuzzled the black velvet in anticipation. "Why didn't I know nothing about this until now..."

"Well, now you know. B- but... since things escalated so quickly, may I ask one thing? If you really do become an alchemist, will you, umm... since I was the one who told you about the guild in the first place, would you consider becoming my partner?"

"Hmmmmm..." Erika made a long pause. "Buuut can I still have the other girls??"

"Sure thing! Why would you even ask? I said a partner, not a slave. With a stable partner I could literally double my productivity, and I'll always be around should you need help with anything. And should you get your own coat, we can combine them and make it really spacious, as since we'd be both navigators we'd be able to do whatever we like! As for girls, I can introduce you to as many as you like in the guild."

"Alright! So how do we start the thing? I'm so wet I'm almost ready to say 'it's okay to jump on me like a stallion on a mare'..."

"Once we start, we better keep going until it lands. So I suggest we give it a test flight today and fly to Al-Hedsit tomorrow morning. If you really intend to become an alchemist, I probably should tell you more about how these things work..."

"Sooo that man Dariush, was he screwing you the whole time while you were flying? And how many hours is that?" Mary asked, circling her finger tip around Erika's nipple.

"Well, that's how the engine is supposed to work, so it was only natural," Erika shrugged as much as her laying position allowed, stretching her mouth almost to the ears.

"Oh dear, I will have such wet dreams tonight..."

"Mmm, I've had enough of them this week personally, right now I'd rather have some wet reality," Erika huggled Mary by the neck, pushed her gently on the bedsheet and crawled on top of her...

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