Erika v2

"Is this the yoga class?" Mary suddenly heard a nice clean voice coming from the door. She turned to look at the pretty tomboy wearing light orange shorts and a black shirt, seemingly without even a bra underneath.

"Y- yeah... sure, please come in," she nodded. The class was strangely empty this morning and the cutie was the first visitor. Mary wondered if she'd become a student. She had a perfect body for yoga, Mary thought while not being able to take her sight off the teenager's nicely shaped bare legs. The things she could do with them with a proper training... Mary suddenly really hoped that the girl didn't come in just to ask something small and then leave forever.

" see," the girl spoke. "I found pictures on the internet and I got a bit obsessed but then I found more and more and it's really beautiful what the body can do so I wanted to learn that, too..."

"Wait, wait, what kind of pictures?.." Mary raised her brow at the somewhat confusing beginning.

"Like, you know, sitting on your own head, putting your leg behind your back, bending backwards and sticking your head between your own thighs... Haha, now it sounds funny as I describe it, it looks so much better in pictures. So they teach all that here, right? Oh so I was told..."

"Yeah... I can teach all that... sort of..." Mary shrugged.

"Sort of?.." the girl suddenly looked very interested.

"Well, what you listed is quite extreme..."

"But I'm willing to learn!" something in her tone sounded like she actually means that and she's not the kind of student who'd drop out after a week of work.

"How old are you right now?"

"Just turned eightteen last week, why?"

"Well, eightteen is quite a late start for such things but it's not really impossible, I suppose..."

"Oh nooo, that's alright, I was told it might be a lot of hard work and even painful, but... I'll do everything, I promise!" she smiled with that kind of smile that killed the trainer's last doubts.

She said her name was Erika and she took everything to prepare herself for her first yoga lesson and was willing to start right away. Mary didn't mind at all, in fact internally she couldn't wait... Erika went to change her clothes and returned wearing nothing but a black leotard.

"Would this do?" she looked at Mary, then turned around looking at herself in the wall made of mirrors.

"Y- yeah... it looks really...... I mean, yes! Yes, it would fit perfectly for the exercises," Mary blushed.

"Gee, in this I look like I could just sit in a split if I wanted!" she kept turning around in front of the mirror. "Even though I can't yet..." she jokingly stretched her arms up and arched backwards, but her back made only a slight curve. "Ahh I'm gonna do everything it takes to do a real bend one day!" she pouted at her reflection. "So then, we begin right now? I can't wait."

The next day Erika came again but this time the class was a bit crowdy. When Mary helped her with a stretch the girl suddenly whispered: "Why are these two fatties talking about me? I feel uncomfortable." Mary looked at two slightly obese ladies sitting on the floor and talking to one another while desperately trying to bend forward to reach their own toes, but neither of them could reach further than the knees.

"I thought it would be always just like yesterday," Erika sighed. "Just you and me all day."

The tone of that "you and me" went like electricity into Mary's ears and crawled through her entire body. In other words she was pretty shocked in the nicest possible way, even though that was the truth and yesterday they indeed had a lot of stretching fun together and not a single part of the young girl's body was left untouched by her expert hands. "Well, yesterday the class was unusually empty, I was surprised myself..." Mary finally replied.

"Maybe it was fate then," Erika giggled. "Gee, I still can't believe you taught me so much in one day and now I can put my leg behind my head and I can put my feet on top of my head... wow, you're a real magician!"

"Oh no, you just have a lot of natural flexibility, it seems. If you keep stretching like that every day, you'll make a wonderful progress in no time!"

"So I was you, erm...offer private lessons, maybe? I don't feel like I'd make much progress among them..." That was brutally honest but she was right, for what she wanted to achieve exercising among girls who could barely touch their feet would be very unmotivating.

"Yeah, I live next door from here," Mary answered, "I never gave private lessons before but I'm willing to make an exception for you because I do have this feeling you'll shortly become the best student I ever coached."

"Oh! But don't you have a family?"

"No, I'm divorced, but my ex left me a nice house."

"Di- divorced? But whyyy?" Erika opened her young eyes really wide.

"Umm...he married me when I was your age and was really flexible, then suddenly a man appeared who offered to pay me well for taking pictures of me doing bendy poses for his website..."

"Oh so that's why I thought I saw you in some pictures I found!!" Erika's eyes opened even wider. "So that -was- you after all! I really wasn't sure..."

"Probably, he took hundreds of them, dressing me up in all kinds of strange outfits... Sometimes I thought he had no taste at all. But long story short, we dated and married. We lived almost five years together, but then I matured and wasn't as flexible as before and he found a new boneless teen and just left me out... He said that I made him really happy but those days were over, but he wanted to give me a great gift so we could separate without hard feelings, so he gave me the house. It's not very big but I made it a really nice place over the years. So then I suddenly didn't want any more men in my life, so I started doing yoga to feel less alone, I stretched really hard to forget about a deeper pain and surprisingly I got a major part of my former flexibility back. I showed something at a neighbor's party and some person suggested I should become a yoga instructor in this school nearby. So this class was evening-only back then and now I took the mornings."

"Oh that's so wonderful! Your life is all about stretching yourself and stretching others, now it's all about stretching! That's so cool!!" Erika was delighted. "You're my hero! And I do want to become the best student you ever coached!"

"You will," Mary ruffled Erika's pageboy haircut. "So you can come any day after five in the evening or so and stay as long as you want. I also cook well, you will love it!"

"Aww, head just spinned imagining all that," Erika had the happiest smile on her face. "Everything is going so nice, I must be the luckiest person in the world!"

Mary felt her heart pounding even through her quite endowed chest. What is this teen talking about, it's her who's the luckiest person in the world to train such a cutie. "W- why don't we go now? You wait in the street and I'll dismiss the class for whatever reason and join you."


"Ow what? Did it hurt? I'm sorry..." Mary immediately released Erika's body from the stretch.

"No no, I just remembered something. We never talked about payment, did we? And I suppose yoga lessons aren't free? But... but see, I'm just a college student and I'm all on my own in this city without much money..."

Mary suddenly felt where it's going but... oh well, she thought, Erika was good enough to train just for free. It was all Mary's pleasure, after all.

"Say, do I look attractive to you?" Erika suddenly asked.

"Y- yes, very."

" about...instead of money...I'll give you this..." Erika reached and kissed Mary on the lips.

Erika suddenly stood away and blushed really hard. "I...I never offered this to anyone else before, I mean it's just... you accidentally touched my boobs so many times and I know it wasn't accidental but it felt so good..."

In this very odd way Erika became her yoga instructor's girlfriend. She wanted to master every single thing that fascinated her on the internet, while Mary got a new hobby of making pictures and videos of her best student's progress. And that's how they lived for many years to follow, and once Erika graduated from her college they married. Many years later, their adopted daughter became one of the most famous contortionists in the world. Trained by her moms, she mastered a couple of positions that were thought to be absolutely impossible in contortion.

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