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Erika at the Beach

"Are you coming, sweetie?"

"Yep yep, sorry!" Erika was still sitting in front of her laptop, "I just stumbled upon something... Mary, you should see it!"

"Mmm okay... Oh dear! That's one extreme twist!"

"Right??" Erika zoomed in to look closer. "Mary, have you ever seen a twist and a backbend at the same time?"

"No, haven't seen anything like that... Who is this girl? Zlata?"

"No no, that's Tanya Balahnina, she's my idol because she also started stretching when she was already 18 and now she's one of the most flexible girls in the world! In fact, she is also the reason that I met you because everybody told me to give up hope to do anything extreme since I'm already 18, but then someone sent me a link to her video and said that that girl never stretched before she turned 18... I couldn't believe my eyes, honestly! And then I went on searching for a trainer, and so I met you," Erika stroked Mary's bare thigh gently.

"Well, everything is possible for a willing heart... I'm pretty sure we were destined to meet, though, this way or another," Mary bent down to give her beloved a kiss on the cheek.

"Aww... I wanna try this pose so badly," Erika was still staring at the screen.

"Well," Mary straightened and went to the door. "You can try it on the beach, I took a camera. Today's going to be super hot, so how about we try to make some super extreme pictures of you with the sun's help?"

"Oh yaaay! I'm coming," Erika closed the laptop, put on her sandals and went through the door after Mary.

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