Eric and Sebastien

A VERY experimental character designs for Rouge and Sebby :3 Sebastien looks more or less like himself, but Rouge having sun-bleached and longer hair here as I wanted to alter his design a little for tropical island holidays ^^

What do you think? 😄
Сладкая парочка...Они купили два билета в лето...
Sweet couple...They bought two tickets for the summer... Read more
Всего два билета, но как они вернутся? 😂
Only two tickets, but how are they going to return? Read more
Ах-ах-ах...А кто сказал, что они собираются возвращатся?! Даже и не думают...)))
Ah-ah-ah...Who said they were going to come back?! They don't even think...))) Read more
Думаю, им придется всю оставшуюся жизнь жить на бананах и сексе... 😏
Guess they'll have to live on bananas and sex for the rest of their lives... Read more
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