Elven Trainer

Put more focus on your shoulders, use them to raise your head and keep your chin up. Relax your body and face, only strain your arms and legs. Verrry good. Never forget about smiling, you're a jester and it must look like you're just playing and being foolish. It should look funny and amusing, not difficult or painful."

Master Amtril is training his pupil Deon to become a jester for the elven princess. Amtril himself has been working as a jester in the palace ever since he was a teenager himself, but now that he reached the age of thirty, the time has come to pass the knowledge to a younger generation.

Amtril started searching for a pupil among page boys in the palace, the main test was to bend backwards and stand on both feet and hands, doing the "bridge" position. Sadly the most beautiful boys were all as inflexible as wooden planks... But all of a sudden Amtril found a boy who wasn't blond, didn't have a light skin and wasn't even an elf, he looked completely unlike Amtril himself, but thanks to his eastern blood he did the "bridge" better than all the other boys put together.

Amtril immediately asked the boy if he wanted a promotion and on the very same day the princess officially made Amtril a master and Deon became his first pupil. After many months of training Deon outdid his teacher, so Amtril eventually had to come up with really good challenges for Deon to discover the boy's talents to the fullest.

Amtril trained him to be a fantastic posture-maker and the princess always adored Deon as a page boy but now she grew to love him to no end, and of course she thanked Amtril every day for taking care of the boy. The princess enjoyed posture-making as much as music and dance, it was one of her favorite arts, maybe even the most favorite because good posture-makers were very rare and always very unique. It always amazed the princess what postures their bodies can take and it was sometimes even more breath-taking to watch than listening to beautiful music.

The princess kept Deon by herself at all times, except in the early morning, while she was still sleeping, the boy went to the garden to meet his beloved teacher, master Amtril, and learn something new or improve on what he already knew.

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