Elven Puzzle 🧩

"Is this Erika? Erika Ribbons?"
"Yes, that's my name? What's with the creepy voice, sis?"
"Heh. Was trying to make a joke but whatev. Got a minute?"
"And like, umm, more than a minute?"
"Y- yes? Any problem?"
"Yes and no, like, you know my girl Kristina?"
"Of course I know her, Collie! She's my own sister's daughter, that one, right?"
"Right. Right. So I think my daughter is kinda really obsessed with her aunt, whose starts with an E..."
"She's obsessed with me?"
"Like, tons of posters in her bedroom. I mean, we're a nudist village and who'd worry about their daughter having tons of nude pictures of her aunt in her bedroom? But yours are, well, kinda extreme, I mean like snapping in half backwards and sitting on your own head, that kind of stuff. I'm pretty sure Kristina is trying to learn from them but I'm worried she may be not doing it right..."
"Wait, you want me to give her some tips on contortion?"
"You can do that?"
"Yeah! I mean... My son is doing super well at it."
"Really? Oh I mean, I'm not surprised since his mom is world famous for this body-bending thing. Sooo how much would you charge for a couple of lessons?"
"Don't be silly, sis, just send her my way! I'll see if I can help!"
"Oh! Okay. Wonderful. Yeah! Then, umm... How about next weekend?"
"Alright! Just don't forget to put some stuff on her."
"Like clothes? Don't worry, she knows how to wear them, she's not a savage."
"No I mean, I'm not wearing them myself at home... and at work. Obviously. Hehe."
"You're still wearing your ass for a hat at that work of yours."
"Shut up! But yeah I'm still a nudist at heart, whenever possible, so don't think the big city spoiled me or whatever. Your daughter will survive, just put something on for transportation, is all."
"We plan a trip to a theme park with Nate next sunday."
"Cool. What's the theme of that park?"
"Oh, Tina loves elves too. I'll braid her hair and get her some of those ear mods by then!"
"Oh, that's a great idea!"
"And Erika?"
"Don't break my daughter, okay?"

(Several days later)

"So how did it go, sis?"
"Collie, you didn't tell me she could already fold in half backwards and do the splits too!"
"How should I know what all these things are called? I couldn't tell a twist from a knot even if I wanted to!"
"No prob, just saying she's pretty good and I don't think she's doing anything wrong but she really needs a partner!"
"Someone who can stretch her more than she can do by herself."
"Eh? But I don't know how to do it..."
"No, I think my son Nate is just ideal for that, they actually spent the whole weekend together, I was barely even there!"
"What? You weren't?"
"I mean she seemed more interested in Nate, I didn't expect they still remember each other so well. So let Nate show her around, then I got the feeling I'm getting between them all the time, so I let them do their own thing."
"And they did it?"
"Well, did they become...partners?"
"I'm not sure what you mean but yeah, they spent a lot of time in the gym. Nate is way better than me at contortion at this point, even my back sometimes hurts to see how far he can bend! Tina kept taking pictures of him on her phone, so I guess my days in her bedroom are counted..."
"Naked pictures?"
"Not on my watch but I was too busy to keep peeping at them all night. Who knows?"
"Gasp! It sounds like my girl's having the time of her life over there! I almost feel bad for taking her back."
"Don't worry about it, she can stay for as long as she wants. It's like her and Nate are two pieces of a puzzle that are meant to connect..."
"Is that so? Wow! You're too kind, sis!!"
"No, but really, she never lived with us before but now it feels like we're gonna miss her a lot if she leaves! Does she always blend in families so well?"
"Hmmm... You know, how about all of you pack your clothes, leave them at home and pay our nudieville a visit next?"
"Oh, didn't think of it! Great idea too!"
"Right? And you can do your contortions naked all day here, the cows will be super impressed! And take so many pictures you can cover all the walls with them back at home!"
"Haha! Then I'll need a bunch of pictures!"

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