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Elf Dancer

In the kingdom where this elf lives, girls find it beautiful to wear waist cinchers and they usually get the first one at the age of 8, not sure why, maybe because 8 also looks like a cinched number in a way XD

Parents take their daughter go to a jeweller who is also a blacksmith and can forge jewels as big as a cincher. The girl lays her back on a table and under the back of her waist the jeweller puts a slightly curved cincher, made of a special elven metal that can be forged while cold, then the cincher is hammered gently until it's slightly buried into the waist, just enough so it wouldn't fall off.

The girl then celebrates it and shows the new decoration to all her friends. Since then every month she goes to the jeweller to adjust the cincher a little bit further, only by a bit because there's no need to hurry. In the next 10 years she goes for around 120 adjustments overall and by the age of 18 her waist gets really tiny.

Dancers usually push it further than most girls because it's considered beautiful to dance with a tight cincher. Such a dance is similar to belly dance and the dancers learn to hip roll while cinched, and many dancers say it feels as wonderful as it looks.

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