Elf and Barbarian

The Elven ambassador finally reached the Southern lands to settle some issues with the Barbarians who were lately a bit uneasy with the Elves for some reason. Their cultures and values were way too different, all in all, so almost every century some conflicts would occur between the two kingdoms, and this time the Elven prince really wasn't in the mood for another one, so he told his ambassador to do the best he could to please the Barbarian king.

For that purpose exactly the ambassador had with him a beautiful youth, well trained to perform the traditional elven dance; very graceful and flowing, it involved a lot of flexibility of the body, and not every elf even could perform it but this boy was undoubtedly one of the best performers of this dance and often performed it for the Elven prince himself.

But when the ambassador discussed the forthcoming dance with the Barbarian king's adviser, the adviser strongly recommended to change the performance because a "beautiful dance" that the elf was going to demonstate could only insult a barbarian's eye and make it worse as them Barbarians truly hated all kinds of sassy beautiful things. The Elven ambassador nodded understandingly because he really wanted to return to his oriental kingdom with a positive solution.

And so they changed the boy's performance. The Barbarian advisor called for one of the muscled guards and told him that he's going to perform along with the elf, and so they did a little rehearsal. The strong man had to pretend to break the boy's body in many kinds of ways, however, the boy had to stay unharmed, so the Elven embassador kept giving the guardman careful and detailed instructions about in what ways it's safe to stretch the boy.

The stretches they did were so extreme that the boy almost cried for real a couple of times but overall the barbarian and the elf boy laughed a lot after every try because it was a lot of fun. In the end the boy grew to really admire his strong partner and the muscled man kept saying that the elf takes such great challenges like a real man should and that his impression of the elves just suddenly improved a lot! Once they finished playing, it was the evening already. Now it was the time to repeat the best of what they learned in front of the Barbarian king.

The King was very very pleased with the show and the young elf was invited to stay in the King's palace for a year. The strong man who performed along with the boy stepped in and said that if the boy was allowed to live and train with him then by the time he would return to his homeland he would be even greater at everything he does! The Elven ambassador called the boy for a private talk and asked him if he had objections about living with that man for a whole year but the boy looked really excited with that sudden twist of plans and he said that he never before felt as amazing as when he was stretched by that muscled man. His elven trainer worked with the boy since he was a little child and always stretched him very well, but bending never felt as good and fun as today with this man. Besides, it was amazing just to look at that great body and the elf has never seen such huge muscles before! In some of the poses they did it felt like laying on a leather couch that was at the same time pushing you into your best bend, but this couch was a lot softer, nicer and warmer than any actual leather!

The Elven ambassador nodded understandingly, he himself had a thing for the smooth muscled bodies of these brutes and already planned a little secret date with one of the young barbarians, since it was rare to be sent to this Southern kingdom and he'd better use the time well. So they returned back to the Barbarian king from their little private talk, and voiced their decision. The king ordered to give the boy and the guard (who was now promoted to the elven guest's bodyguard) a new bigger appartment with everything they need to work on improving their show.

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