Eel Captor Chelsea 🎣

I had this random idea in my head after waking up and tried to turn it into reality, but the idea in my head didn't match any of my existing characters so made a new one, Chelsea! 😘

She's a swimmer so has an athletic build and broader shoulders like many swimmer girls I saw, and she has a flat chest and a deep navel.

She's also a navel officer and speaking of deep navels, she specializes in eel hunting. Eels are specifically used in navel training as they can stretch the navel and make it wide and deep as they grow and use it as their "lair". Their movements behind the abdominal wall is very pleasant to their master and the pleasure only grows together with the eel. Of course not everyone can stomach this idea at first but navel training is part of being in the navy!

To keep this article safe, I won't tell you where else they put those eels after fully raising them, but overall eel hunting is a really good business and a cute baby eel makes the best gift for anybody! Unless they have a weak stomach... So never forget to work out your abs, kids!

Of course the eels are not the only reason why Chelsea loves it under da sea, there's a plenty of interesting creatures, including genetically modified ones like the octopus with smooth tentacles. While struggling with its opponent, this octopus would try to shove its tentacles into every hole on the opponent's body but since a scuba diver's respiratory system is protected with a mask, the only hole would be the navel, so this octopus is also used by more experienced marines for their navel training. Where else those tentacles can go is up to your imagination 🥵

Ok, now my hovercraft is full of eels, think I need a shower 😝

Thanks to TK for helping with this character!

Not really into navels but the texture of the skin and bodysuit looks really nice! What's not to like about navels? I don't get it... 😅
😍 😊
Cool story. She is a promising character, looking forward to see more of her. I love these kind of outfits. Thanks 😊
Happy to have a new character with Chelsea here.

"she has a flat chest"
My reaction:

Seriously, flatchested girls are the best. In my not humble nor holy "opinion".

"navel officer" - nice pun.

I love how Chelsea's bodysuit is has an open-torso/thorax concept, showing off her beautiful nipples & navel. One nice thing (among any others I could mention) about females is that they are already smooth-crotch. I really like thigh gaps, which is something that tends to be ruined or obstructed by male genitalia.

Hope you enjoy your shower, Ms. Yunia Fastbender Pretzelmaker.

Very glad you liked her, Josh! Yes, flat chests are very popular with girls in this world! I think it's one more proof that people really like to go for the extremes in this world for some reason.

Yeah, Chelsea is the ultimate beauty in a way, her body has no appendages at all, no male genitalia and no breasts. It's perfectly smooth and aquadynamic. She of course has a female genitalia and I mentioned the navel training in the story because I had this idea she could have not two but three holes: the navel, the vagina and the anus, and of course the mouth, I'm sure she has perfect deepthroating skills as well. It helps she works in the navy so she wouldn't be short on boys to fill all those holes 😏
Love how the whole body shines even the parts not covered 😜 Hope nobody goes blind from her flashing her tits this much 🤣
Nice catch! 🎣🤗👍
Absolutely love her! The flat chest is adorable, always super into that for girls! I have to wonder what's under the bodysuit though, if she's just completely smooth and blank between the thighs or not. Yeah, flat chested girls are super hot and if they exercise for an athletic build they turn themselves into complete goddesses!
And no, Chelsea isn't smooth down there, but I guess you've already seen that in her other pic 😉
My nipples explode in delight! 😮 "What? Did you call me a sex bomb??" 💣😜
I already love where this is going! Yeah, with some time and motivation 😅
Amazing idea! Thanks! 😊
I love your works! They are excellent ! Thank you so much! 😊
I suppose, there's a lot of great and hot stuff coming with this lovely girl Chelsea.
Nice 😎
I hope so, I like the character. Glad you like her too! 😊
wonder what would happen if she met Archie, what with the navels being alike... Their navels are alike but the idea of them meeting feels forced to me 😅
Thumbs up for the flat chest! Thanks! 😊
Iam reading that mine comment and feel as if instead of marveling about one of your best works I talked about other stuff and feel bad for it. Just want you to know I returned here to look at Chelsea many time since then and was always very happy with her just as she is. Also her swimming backstory is beyond cool leaving to viewers own imagination the rest.
No problem, personally I haven't noticed anything bad in your previous comment 🤔
Chelsea is a very cute addition. Welcome to the "fold". =)
Glad you like her 😊
Wow! What an awesome piece of art! Thank you for sharing this with us, Yuni! Her suit is awesome! And so shiny! Is it a special diving suit out of the year 2201? Thank you so much!! Yeah the year is 2201 as usual, though I don't think it's difficult to make such a suit today and I'd love to see one 😊
啊啊啊啊啊啊!!!!!YUNI!!!! 她好美!!!我好喜欢!!!❤❤❤-Dorris
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! ! YUNI!!!! She is so beautiful! ! ! I really like! ! ! ❤❤❤-Dorris
Oh! Dorris! Glad to receive your letter! I am glad you like this rubber suit!
Here's another "once again" - Yuni combines amazing and weird. Love the new character, and the belly button stuff is so weird. Hahahaha...
Well, butt sex is weird too, it's just been normalized. Navels are pretty much used for NOTHING, so it's a shame to not use them 🤣
I have been following you for a long time, I know that you are not lacking in imagination, as this navel story demonstrates :-) But I suggest you as a source of inspiration, a ballet girl dancer also with an androgynous style: I usually don't have a habit to study real people as some kind of insects, she has her own life and her own art 😅
Chelsea, what a wonderful new character with so many options in ... How come Im envy with an eel right now? Haha, yeah! I'm very glad you liked her. I hope I'll get some pictures with those eels done sooner or later 😄
Adoraria ver uma enguia saindo do umbigo dela s2
I would love to see an eel coming out of her navel
Sim, isso faria sentido 😉
Yeah that would make sense
💌 What do you think?

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