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Easter Chick

Snake girls hatch from eggs too by the way! So for the special super secret Easter show Erika was invited to perform in the nude for a Prince of a rich oriental country!

Her trainer and girlfriend Mary was worried a lot that the Prince is gonna rape her all night after her nude contortion show, he was a prince after all and could do whatever he wanted for that large money he paid!

But next morning Erika got back to her and Mary's private apartment and she told that the Prince was super nice and intelligent, had a nice face, a fit body and very nice... other things.

She told it was like a dream, the whole city was made entirely of gold like Eldorado, and she had never seen so many beautiful things at once in her life! The girls in the harem quickly figured out she was lesbian and they taught her some delightful things to try with her beloved and she just couldn't wait to get back to Mary to try it all out.

Erika took off her robe before Mary to show what great jewelry she was given before the performance to decorate her lovely body, and was even allowed to keep all of it!

But suddenly Erika noticed that her breasts grew even bigger, moreover they kept growing like some bloated balloons! Bigger and bigger, they were just about to explode when Erika finally woke up from her dream, all sweating. But Mary was snorring peacefully next to her and everything was fine, except Erika's boobs sadly weren't as big anymore...

So anyway, Happy Easter from Erika!! ^^

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