Earth's Treasure

In August 2020 the Earth finally started the World War III, but before any of the sides could use nuclear weapons, the war was quickly ended by an alien invasion.

It later became evident that, to the shame of all humans, the aliens didn't stop the war because of the Earth's valuable resources that could be destroyed along with the planet, it also wasn't because they wanted to enslave the human race. Both the Earth's minerals and human slaves were completely useless to the aliens. But there was one thing on the planet that the aliens didn't want gone, the only reason they stopped the mankind's self-destruction once and for all.

Humans were the only lifeform in the galaxy capable of doing certain extraordinary things with their physical bodies, so after the alien invasion the Earth became the primary exporter of contortionists. No alien race could learn to fold and twist their bodies in such ways and these abilities always puzzled the alien scientists. Aliens did kidnap good performers before, and they were valued in the galaxy as much as we value the rarest gems. But from now on, they could openly hire contortionists in any quantities that the Earth could provide.

The aliens treated humans nicely but never let them go into space. The only way to space travel was to become a really good body-bender who'd interest the aliens, so for many children contortion became the dream profession, the only possibility to leave the planet and travel to different stars. The peaceful majority of humans saw the aliens as true peace-bringers and everyone wanted to know what the alien worlds look like. But only the worthy few, with the most capable bodies were chosen.

Many space cabarets always gladly hired nice-looking, talented human beings. Everybody was happy that the Earth finally learned its place in the galaxy as the provider of bendyboys. Indeed, for some reasons (which human scientists are still trying to comprehend) the aliens always favored young males as dancers and body-benders.

The alien races themselves also seemed to have the opposite idea of the gender roles. Females were strong warriors, while males were mostly just pretty birds used for breeding and entertainment. According to the retired contortionists who returned back to Earth, you'd often see a dozen of small and very pretty alien males hanging around one big and strong female.

The returners were never short on stories about their deep space travels. And so far they were the only source of information about the rest of the galaxy.

p.s. Ohh and by the way, in the picture we see a bendyboy performing in some space bar or cabaret, they're given those floating pads instead of tables. I made it look like he's gliding through a tunnel of sorts but in fact the pad is just floating in one spot. These pads automatically manage balance, so if you stand on it and try to fall, the pad won't let you, you can even stand on one foot and the pad guarantees you'd be fully auto-balanced, so it's really good for all kinds of things and certainly good for contortion performances XD The auto-balance system makes many interesting poses possible, where the performer would otherwise fall over! XD

What do you think? 😄
"Females were strong warriors, whereas males were mostly just pretty birds for breeding and entertainment." So . . . the perfect society? I swear it isn't about feminism for me, but this is where feminism and I intersect completely. Honestly, if an extraterrestrial civilization had invaded Earth during 2020, I would welcome it and consider it a good outcome. Maybe the best possible outcome for 2020.

Although this work is not tagged as such, Yuni's pretzelboy, sorry "bendyboy", here seems to have been emasculated or is a smooth crotch babe. I love how you have his nipples, crotch and soles glowing. These bendyboys could make for infinite femdom fun, like having one of the strong females you mentioned pegging him. Read more
I'd say those not chosen for breeding would have their crotch removed at birth by the law of this alien world. They carefully count their breeders, perhaps because of very limited nutrients on that world? For nonbreeders, the scar on the crotch develops smoothly thanks to the early removal, there's only a barely noticeable urethra but with special plugs it can be stretched over the years to the size that can accomodate a dildo. As their primary role is entertainment, they can develop not one but three holes: the anus, the urethra and the navel.

Although they live and train to please others rather than themselves, they actually have some intimate lovemaking techniques too. For example laying back to back with another nonbreeder, inserting a long alien creature that resembles an eel into their rectums, see how deep they can shove it inside considering the creature's considerable length, with great effort taking it so deep that their buttcheeks touch. The eel will not suffocate but it will continuously wiggle, stimulating their prostates and bowels, for half an hour, for an hour, for the entire night. The boys will lay on their sides, relax, hold their hands, enjoy the movement inside. When they get their first pet eel, it's the best day! 🥳 Read more
Pet eel, what ann idea! I bet they can be trained/rewarded for extra effort. Just imagined two alien boys, backs on bed holding hands watching in fascination each other naked oiled bellies as they pushing uwpward etc, as result of curling and swirling inside. Surely they can even stroke such pet through skin letting him know he is doing good job :-)
And instead of cards they may trade eels from time to time.

Plus it kinda encroaches on other idea appearing as inspiration from one of your earlier picture few months back, you will see, that one you might like being 1/2 your own by now.
Shifty Read more
Well, you went way ahead of me about those eels, I thought they're just catching them and putting them up their asses for fun, enjoying how the eels are struggling to escape and stimulate their insides. I mean those boys are practically castrated sex slaves who live in a world dominated by females, so abusing animals for sex purposes doesn't make that world worse than it already is.

Now looking at this picture, an idea came to mind that instead of castrated sex slaves living in a femdom world, those boys can be actually the oracles mentioned in Ramazir's story, so they're former elder elves who willingly become smooth-crotched by painless magic. And eels can be common elven pets, specially raised to please. Sounds a lot more natural for elves than cats and dogs 😏 Read more
I would hate to deprave alien boys for little fun they have. Yet now when you speak about elves it all seems to make sense! Although in very weird way.

As elder elves are special their eels also become different, eating every undigested meal up capable and eager of staying inside without limit, allowing for hosts butt all the way up to tummy to turn into complete boypussy. While eels starts to grow very slowly larger and larger. In century or so they become so big that elven belly sometimes visibly bulges up resulting in best inner feelings without end. Then, after some more time they need to let eel go, because it is just too damn large and they would look like pregnant. But some elder elves discovered, that if they magically remove their "gear" eel(s) stop to grow. And so they can enjoy those extremely skilled and large pets forever. For many easy choice, no more messy floors! And as a bonus, they can become also oracles. Because normal oracle have only theirs "stuff" invisible not gone. Read more
Sounds like they're an improved version of the bowel parasites, I remember a House MD episode where they operated a girl and pulled a huge worm out of her guts. Imagine an improved version of a pet eel who is actually allowed to live there and making its host periodically moan and bite his lower lip in pleasure from the bowel movement. Not to mention keeping the host perfectly clean at all times thanks to this elf-eel symbiosis. Of course elves wouldn't put any wild eel in there, much like people wouldn't keep forest wolves at home. They keep adorable puppies, much like elves keep nice and well bred eels, as you mentioned elder elves have pet eels who are over 100 years old and massive in size. Some ignorant people think that elder elves tend to grow fat and develop a beer belly but little they know 🧝‍♂️🐍 Read more
Dear Yuni, this tale and art are outstanding. Instead of a looming specter of war and disease, you give us a world of peace and contortion everywhere. Thank you for sharing your vision of a tomorrow with hope and loveliness! Read more
All those artists and writers who can only work with war and crime are not worth the talents they were given. One day it should become a crime to create depressive music, movies and books, much like it's a crime to spread a dangerous virus by coughing in crowdy places.

People don't realize that 99% of their so called "depression" is coming from badly chosen music, movies, etc. And then those people are going around spreading their fucking negativity like a virus, even worse when those people become artists and writers 😠 Read more
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