Duo Pinup

What do you think? 😄
AAAA Duo Maxwell!
During my anime madness around year 2006 I was trying to draw him for weeks on and on. In the end I gave up after some more months and other not so good attempts on other characters (usually my wrist started to pain so much i could not work or play on computer), but that face kinda burned into my memory.
It is trully iconic 90s anime/manga style face.
Another funn fact, never seen any anime or manga about him, just his photos from early days of internet.
Your version has some extra features hh :-))
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I had more art of him: Duo's Guns and Duo Pinup II. Back in the days his main rival was Ed from FMA, another braided cutie...
I also have too much pain from painting, that's why I don't want to do it anymore 😅 Read more
Thanks for bringing them up, they are all still nice. He is such "bunny" one just wants to cuddle him rather than anything else at first. Ed used to be pretty popular too and know you have some of his private pictures too :-) but for me Duo is just first anime cuttie. I was confused if he is girl or not at first untill I decided that i dont care at all.

Braid is making him even "hotter". And so is about to do some cooling on himself and overheat watchers even more hh.

About a year ago I had another of those impulses inspired by you to start learning painting again and for few days was doing simple stuff like straight lines, circles even bought simple drawing pad. And just when I finally started doing damn circles and cubes kinda aright it started again... And its not like its only excuse (but yeah on some level it is), because I used to play computers games lot long ago and because of this i stopped overdoing even that.
So it must be worst thing for true artist. But your 3D is superb, and if your wrist is ok now then win win! Read more
Yeah, same. I played a lot of Warframe last year until I completely screwed up my health and I'm still recovering. I don't know how so many youtubers play a whole lot more than me and don't have these issues.
Now the only game I'm playing is AFK Arena because it more or less feels like a game but it doesn't require thrashing one's hands until you can't feel them anymore. I grew to like games with auto-combat...

Glad you enjoy my 3D, it definitely doesn't have any issues that come with PAIN-ting. And the best thing is there's still a lot of things I need to learn, like making characters for video games and animating them, as well as getting better at building rooms and architecture. I'd love to start a prettyboy contortion game one day but the biggest issue is how to replace battles with something nice... 😅 Read more
To save your hand try using utility "Autohotkey", you can map out any kind of click even by mouse on keyboard. Or even do macro, this way I was able few years back to play Diablo 1 + 2 without my hand hurting or destroying mouse for that matter.

As cutties goes, I also liked a lot looks of Envy from FMA... if by any chance you had him in mind too... it was great character visualy, sadly his real character was mean and therefore never liked him.

If you ever pull stuff like simple "walkable" scene in some modern 3D engline even without game features it will be mindblowing as it is hard as hell for one person to learn and put to work such variety of skills. Read more
Oh yes I have Autohotkey for many years and used it in several games. Also tried getting back into gaming, a couple of days ago started playing Skyrim after finding a mod organizer and some good mods for it, including textures and shaders that make it look visually even better than Witcher 3...

I made only one fanart of Envy and agree about his design and personality but then, what in FMA isn't sad? I guess if you want the absolute fluffy character in a fluffy anime, who is also super hot, nobody can beat Inuyasha...

I did things in Unity3D, it's not impossible, but I really don't have any ideas for games right now 😅 Read more
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