"There's no way we can lose in the Olympic games," such was the order from the gymnastics committee.

"But what can I do! My pupils skip my lessons way too much and pretend to be 'sick' just to take days off from stretching legally!"

"Then invent a method to make them come daily!"

"I... I was actually thinking of something..."

"We're listening."

"Mmm. Can I order three types of girl's leotards, all of them must be red and have a big word 'dunce' on them, but first is low rise, second is high cut and the third type is cut almost to the armpits."

"What's the use of girl's leotards, you're only supposed to work with the boys team..."

"Mm. Well. That's the thing actually. Let's say boys who skip one lesson will have to replace their training shirt with the first type of these leotards, but can still keep their training shorts. It would be embarrassing enough if they have to squeeze into such a girly piece of wear and they sure will get enough jokes from their classmates to keep from ever skipping my lessons again."

"This sounds like an interesting trcik. What do you require the high cut leotard variation for?"

"Umm. Let's say someone doesn't learn the lesson to not skip my lesson. This time he'd have to wear the high cut, extra tight one and would lose the shorts, plus he'd get an extra intense stretching session in front of all the classmates."

"And if that still doesn't teach a lesson?"

"Next time he'd have to wear the third type and... mmmm, he'd have to do a flexibility demonstration for the whole class. But let's just hope it won't have to come to this."

"This sounds perfectly fair. If your methods help us win the Olympic games, you will be personally rewarded by the government and your method will be recommended for use in all schools of the country!"

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The boys thought: "Then we should hurry, to make leotards the new cool fashion for boys, no one has to be embarrassed of."
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Yeah, while it was supposed to be embarrassing, Yasha made it looks so good that all other boys instantly started skipping lessons just to be punished as well... This misbehavior continued for a while until it was decided to make the high cut leotards the official outfit for the boys team, so they would stop skipping important lessons... Thank you so much for the mental image!! 🤣 Read more
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