Dress up Rayn

A little dress up game about Rayn Hadley, who used to be an amazing contortionist

but later was sort of outshined by his younger brother Basil, who took over the sexy side of contortionism and quickly won a lot of fame.

Rayn was more of a classical circus contortionist, yet he also had a good taste for outfits and here we can see my attempt to explore his wardrobe...

Of course more stuff was planned in my head but I actually only ended up making some variations of bodysuits.

Anyway, this was done in Flash in August 2011, so I had to record a video of it as Flash was since then abandoned by modern browsers... But I think the video shows the whole idea! :D

Remarkably, the file size of this game was only 603K because I actually drew only one single bodysuit, while the whole recoloring magic and "cutting out" parts of that bodysuit were done in real-time!