Drawn Together 👉👈

So after the previous pic of Kianu I thought he turned out looking too much like Nate, so Yuna (Kianu's owner) said I should draw them together! 😝

Annnnd... it's done! 😜
And also there's Aaron at the back~

© Kianu and Aaron belong to Yuna K.
© Nate is mine!

Daz Studio Pro 4.12, Nvidia Iray RTX, Nvidia vMaterials, Blender 2.82, Photoshop CS6, TomBoy (Mar3D), HipJeans (Scheusal242), Sandals 01 (amy_aimei), LJShirt, LJBoots (Genesis 2 Essentials), G8F Denim Shorts (Adam Thwaites), 3D Desert Rock 007 (Iridesium), Floral Tent (HDRI Haven)