Don't Turn Around

Erika and Martin were playing around with leotards, taking pictures, so this was one of the ones taken by Erika.

Don't ask me how in the world did Martin ever end up with the looks like this... No! In fact, do ask me. I think I can actually tell you the true story.

It began a long, long time ago, back when Martin was just an ordinary cute little kid. But it so happened, my friends, that he on one fine day came across one image he could no longer unsee. It was but a mere advertisement of some lace style one-piece lingerie underwear in a shop but on that very day he literally became a hunter for this kind of shapes that became his absolute ideal. Yes, the perfect female form dressed for the night.

Martin was convinced and converted. A fashion mag he was once lucky to steal became his holy book, brothers and sisters, and the sports shop selling rhythmic gymnastics gear became his temple that he visited at least once a week. Pretending to be interested in barbells and backpacks, he kept stealthily peeping at all the shiny leotards and all the girls that would so easily touch them and try them out.

His faith was so strong that he once even saw an angel. This angel appeared in the shape of a girl around fourteen, having her blond hair in a ponytail and wearing a sportive outfit. She looked like she just ran away from some major gymnastic tournament, you know, and surely she had the most graceful figure the boy has ever seen! He felt his heart completely stop when the girl suddenly went out of the fitting room, dressed in nothing but the leotard she wanted to buy, imagine? And this magical being whose looks completely didn't belong to this world, started complaining to the manager about the fitting room being too small to test the leotard.

After getting the permission from the manager, she started the tests by doing a heavenly elegant cartwheel, then stretched herself into a standing split and then proceeded with more and more sophisticated tests, bending herself forward to hug her knees and then bending backwards to pretty much the same extent. Of course Martin was used to watch gymnastics on the telly, and he even could still sit in a split himself after all those years of ballet classes that he took in his earlier years, but had he ever seen someone that capable? Not at all! Her backbending skills were just phenomenal and she didn't want to stop after folding her back in half backwards but went on passing her adorable head further and further between her own thighs without the slightest shade of discomfort, Martin really began to fear that this tense cloth of her leotard might tear apart any moment, leaving her in a most embarrassing situation imaginable in front of the quickly gathering crowd!

The girl smiled and shrugged her shoulders to the applause that followed her short performance and told the stunned manager that the leotard was just perfect for her needs and she's buying it. "Follow her, tell her how much you love leotards too, she will love to hear it," Martin's inner voice whispered in the middle of his head, as his heart was now pounding at a double rate. But it was too much and he just kept standing there, only his lips slightly parted as he watched the girl come out of the fitting room in her more casual wear, pay and leave the shop.

Suddenly Martin didn't know what he was doing anymore, it was like a trance, he just went to the same manager. "M- my sis is into gymnastics and umm, she looks just like that girl... So umm, she has a birthday soon, and I thought maybe I can buy her that leotard as a gift?"

"Oh certainly, young man! If you're sure about the size, then I'll just pack it for you," the manager stretched her face into a most professional smile. "So you'd like it to be packaged as a gift, perhaps?"

"Y- yes, that would be very nice, ma'am! Thank you!" Martin couldn't believe what was happening. I swear to God, after leaving the shop he literally ran back home! His very first leotard! The angel was sent to lead him all the way through to this priceless trophy. But would it really fit? Of course it must, she was an angel after all, so it would fit perfectly! He felt as if his life had truly begun on that very day.

Oh but you probably wonder what happened next? Well, like every person born with a beautiful face, Martin has been super lucky in his life. In school he had strong friends who'd always help him just for the chance of having him around, and all the teachers believed that such a beautiful boy needs to have beautiful marks.

During the high school Martin moved to live with his uncle who was absolutely in love with the boy and took a great care of him, still Martin always feared that things would change if his little interest was discovered. Uncle Brian was only 10 years older than Martin but he was an extremely refined man who owned a mansion in the city, had only the finest guests and wore only the finest dresses. Martin had two rooms in the mansion all for himself.

It all happened as usual, "on one fine day". Martin just got himself a particularly interesting piece of wear, a transparent lace style high-cut one-piece sexy lingerie underwear that was bought "to win the heart of my girlfriend". Martin didn't even know how long uncle Brian was staring at his completely open ass until he finally sensed his presence. Martin turned into stone, or rather a beautiful sculpture with the longest and smoothest legs imaginable, covered only in the semi-transparent lingerie. "Very beautiful," uncle Brian finally spoke. Martin felt weak in his legs of embarrassment, it was the very first time he got caught and he already imagined himself packaging things to leave the mansion he loved so much and his dear uncle who loved and trusted him so much and whom he just betr... wait, what did his uncle just say? V- very beautiful?.. He stared at uncle Brian in utter disbelief.

"I have a good new camera if you would like to pose," uncle Brian continued. Martin only shrugged shyly, he didn't even have enough time to get really stressed and now it all felt like a dream, his body was getting warmer of all the feelings, embarrassment and then sudden happiness... he just couldn't hold himself and ran to his uncle and hanged on his neck like he did many times before whenever uncle Brian surprised him with a yet another precious gift.

Martin even forgot there for a second that he was in fact hugging his uncle while not wearing much himself, and the only piece he was wearing was not particularly manly, let's say not manly at all. He only realized that again when he suddenly felt something very unusual, his uncle didn't just hug him back like he always did but instead Martin felt his uncle's hands gently caressing his sides and slowly getting down on his bare buttocks. Martin felt more and more drunk of some sweet dessert wine while being completely physically sober. He just desperately needed some taste in his mouth and his lips opened, searching for more sweetness. It was his very first kiss and his last semi-conscious thought was that his uncle's taste is just as refined as everything else about the man...

Martin never thought it would come to this, after all he was idolizing the female body for many years. He dreamed to become a photographer of female nudes, he wanted to discover his inner woman to be able to reach perfection with his future models. All his thoughts were about women, but now he was sleeping with a man and admired him to no end. On the other hand, his inner woman had never felt so fulfilled and inspired. Uncle Brian was taking simply incredible shots of him and Martin now had a yet another room just for all his cross-dressing needs, it had a huge wardrobe, chests, lockers, mirrors all across the wall, a large bed, several chairs and sofas, and even a corset-lacing machine. Best of all, it still had a lot of space that kept inspiring Martin to dance around, and a polished floor that he used to get his splits back from his childhood years when he used to take ballet classes.

But little by little he began to feel that just the splits and dancing were not enough, his body really craved for more and he still had the image of that flexible angel from the sports shop stuck in his head way too clearly. Most often uncle Brian didn't need to be asked, he just understood everything by himself and would always make the most perfect gifts to his nephew, and that was the case again when he suddenly announced that he found a really good yoga gym not so far away for Martin.

Martin became really fond of the yoga teacher in that gym who seemed to like him a lot. Her name was Mary and as far as he could tell she was around his uncle's age, a couple of years younger perhaps. Not only she had an astounishing flexibility herself but she somehow kept succeeding to transfer her knowledge to Martin day by day. Before meeting her, he never knew what an exciting feeling it is to hold your feet against the back of your own head, but with her he could already freely do it after the first week, any time he wanted! He just couldn't get enough of how much his whole body responds to that stretch.

Around the middle of his second week in the yoga gym he suddenly witnessed another angel. She was the most adorable creature that had ever stepped into his eye's sight. At first Martin thought she was Mary's young sister because of what a sweet hug they had but he wasn't sure anymore after they shared such a sweet kiss on the lips that Martin totally didn't see coming. The girl then lay her head on Mary's busty chest and her eyes suddenly lay right on Martin. She rose her head and smiled wide.

"Mary, Mary, who's that beautiful girl with curly hair?"

"Oh, that's Martin. He's a guy actually," Mary whispered as if telling a terrible secret.

"Oh really!? That's a guy??" the girl shouted out loud with her eyes round like a bird's.

"Yeah... he's my new student. Erika, you wouldn't believe how far I could take him in just a mere week!"

"Oh wow, I wanna see!!!"

It took exactly a minute for Erika and Martin to become best friends forever. And it took exactly one weekend for Erika, Martin, Mary and Brian to get to know each other so well that Brian invited Mary and Erika to be his guests in the mansion for a whole month.

In the end Martin was completely confused about what's going on. His teacher Mary was completely enamoured by uncle Brian's manners and Martin sometimes had to think again to remember that Mary wasn't in fact his uncle's wife, at least not yet. It might have made him jealous if only he wasn't himself constantly busy with Erika who just couldn't get enough of him. But at the same time Erika never stopped spending time with Mary whenever she wasn't busy with uncle Brian, and that gave uncle Brian some time to spend with his beloved nephew.

This bisexual celtic knot of relationships worked like a charm but it only reached its true power when the four finally joined their forces all together. It was the most insane month in each of their lives and more than any of them could have hoped to ever experience. In the end Mary jokingly invited Brian and Martin to be guests at her own house for some time too, but to her surprise Brian accepted the invitation and they spent a week together in Mary's small house. It was probably the dimensions of the house but it made them all even closer. The celtic knot became incredibly tight without being tense.

It's kind of sad to finish this writing, my friends, because I fear it would seem like one of those standard "and they lived happily ever after" endings, but I must say I really mean this whole text only as a prelude. Either way, I really hope you enjoyed the read as much as I enjoyed writing!! Even if I clearly enjoyed it way too much XD

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