🌟 DISCOntortion

"To solve a riddle older than the Sphinx. To answer the question which has plagued us since we first crawled from this Earth and stood erect in the sun. Is man, indeed, a walrus at heart?"

Howard Howe

I'm 14 and this is deep...

What do you think? 😄
I'm loving your Danny renders! His more muscular physique fits really well with these insane bends, it's stunning! Please keep up the awesome work!
--Alldenspa Read more
So glad you enjoyed it!! I'm starting to really enjoy the muscled contortionists after seeing your works! Hopefully there will be more pictures of Danny, specially that I love the idea of him cosplaying a flexible Conan the Barbarian :D

Think I should try to read Howard to see if there any stories that Danny would adapt to his liking 😜 Read more
I can tell this is an an excellent backbend and balencing trick, but what exactly is in his mouth? Read more
So glad you enjoyed it! Oh, it's just a spoon in fact 😂 Read more
Perece algo excitado por la pose....
He seems somewhat aroused by the pose.... Read more
Quizás recordando a su novio que lo ayudó a estirarse 😚
Maybe remembering his boyfriend who helped him to stretch Read more
Twin mounds of scantily clad bulge and lean hyper extended Adam's apple...yet such a deep involuted backbend. Danny is a more dreamy figure than the coruscating disco ball.

You seem to be able to flawlessly evoke the perfectly balanced alchemical archetype. I at once find Danny's figure irrepressibly masculine and yet immediately feminine; the two are so naturally interwoven as to be inseparable, no tension whatsoever to the interplay of the opposites. It's mystical, and I'm honestly in complete awe of your genius. I wish I could more eloquently and concisely articulate the magic that you've tapped into. You're at the vanguard Yuni, you're on to something. This is another spectacular work, thanks for sharing it with us. Read more
I totally agree, those disco balls try hard to look dream-like but Danny still somehow steals the show.

Well, I like too many things at once, so the only way to be satisfied with a picture is to mix literally everything into it. I'm very glad that you enjoy the results! Read more

Daria <3 Read more
I'm so very happy that you enjoyed! I think I'm gonna have more muscled boys in extreme bends in the near future! <3 Read more
Your work is incomparable! You are a real talent. I like everything you do. Read more
Thanks! I'm very glad you like it so much! 😊 Read more
Haha this is just happy stuff, cheerful, fun :-)
That ball is mesmerising, then you see whats underneath and it gets better.
For some reasong i love his hairs here!
Shifty Read more
So very glad you enjoyed it! ^^ Read more
Pourrais tu faire une image où quelqu’un fais une contortion mais dort/relax en même temps. Ça serait très impressionnant. Sinon continue comme ça ce que tu fais est vraiment beau.
Could you make a picture where someone is contorting but sleeping/relaxing at the same time. It would be very impressive. Otherwise keep it up, what you're doing is really beautiful. Read more
Bonne idée! Faudra y penser... Et merci beaucoup! 😊
Great idea! Will need to think of it... And thank you so much! Read more
Why hasn't anyone said anything about his nail polish?

That's just the cherry on top of this amazing artwork! congrats!! Read more
I'm absolutely in love with this pose, combined with his almost naked muscular body, beautiful feet and all! The hottest combination for this sexy flexible piece!❤❤❤ Read more
His feet are absolutely gorgeous ! Love the polish color . Read more
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