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Devilish Initiation

There's been too much tension between angels and demons this year, Lucifer's army has grown incredibly powerful and mightier than ever, several light-winged battalions already fell in random conflicts.

More and more reports about angels getting bullied and raped, and the Heavenly troops coming to rescue them getting crushed like babies. They say the Final War could start any day now...

More and more angels leave Heaven to join Lucifer's revolutionary army. Although replacing the angelic aura with a devilish one is a painful procedure, the visions of the coming fall of Heaven are too clear and make them go for it while Lucifer is still recruiting.

Lucifer has grown pubic hair and said he's not going to shave it until his Revolution is complete and the angels lose all their power in the Heavenly Government as their incompetence has been clearly proven by thousands and thousands of years of their leadership already.

"It is evident that the light-winged government is the root of all evil and therefore it is time to put an end to it; the Rebellion has gained all the necessary resources for this final step in our Revolution", Lord Lucifer says at a military conference, taking a sexy stance to daemonstrate his new happy trail to speedpainters and bloggers.

"We certainly can't wait to see our Leader's beautiful shaved belly again, it has been iconic for millennia and was immortalized in so many works of art, and therefore we shall put our hearts into winning this War", General "Baphi" Baphomet commented after the conference. "I will personally tie Michael to the Pearly Gates and rape him like Gabby never did in his wildest dreams", he added, re-adjusting his always falling skirt.

Demons are feeling very enthusiastic these days! But wonder what the angels have to say?

"We're not going to lose to some filthy, lowly fetishists, steeped in sin at birth! Their very existence ist wrong wrong wrong and a great mistake. But God is never mistaken. Therefore, it is our duty to eradicate these so called 'rebellion' forces of evil and send these demons to concentration camps where their energy would be put to good use. We are the High Race, the Angels, the hands of God, the Only Right Power in the God-created Universe and we have 2 billion Christians in our cannon fodder reserves whose parents sacrificed their foreskins to God as a proof their children are ready to die in His name any day! And that whole talk about 'liberating' the mankind from so called 'God's tyranny'...what nonsense! All was created to serve God, it is the world's ONLY purpose. Everyone must follow their purpose and duties assigned to them by God at birth, otherwise if we follow many leaders, all we shall ever get is pure chaos! Everyone already realizes it clearly, deep in their hearts. So forget about this so called 'freedom', for as long as God is alive and well there shall be only Obedience!"

"I promise that I will personally track down the self-assured younger who said all of the above and make him lick the floor in my castle's dungeons", King Asmodeus commented, petting the silver hair of his favorite dancing slave.

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